Classes that increase women's Power

And here's the weird thing — almost nothing has changed since ancient times, and we just corrected the Ancient Knowledge, which were proposed to increase Women's Strength these available means...

female force

Trust them!

Classes that increase women's Power

1. Massage. Knowledge claim: the female body is incredibly thankful to touch. It needs to stretch, disperse energy, otherwise it will put pressure on the woman inside, causing disease.

2. A married friends. If you want to get married, you take a little of the Energy of the family. This is a very valuable and noble energy. Many refuse meetings with married friends — and absolutely nothing. Collect this energy, if possible.

3. Nails. And men agree with this — transforms the manicure female hands, they want to kiss. And it is also believed that the energy of prosperity and beauty comes together with red lacquer.

4. The connection with other women. Without mutual energy exchange you will strengthen your. Man needs the silence to become aware of itself. A woman will better understand your feelings and anxiety only in contact with his own kind.

5. Long conversation. Of course, men consider it a waste of time. But without this surge of energy, the accumulated words and thoughts will go straight to the man. And hurt both.

6. Walk. A woman simply has to go out. the connection with nature and the surrounding world will only strengthen the position of the security guard of the home.

7. Meditation. Any relaxing practice will help women to regain their strength. Most useful meditation before sleep and in nature.

8. Dance. Any variant of this leisure will enhance sexuality and female identity. Note the Arabic dance or latina.

9. Hair. Styling, change of style is not just elevate mood. Ancient India gives women's hair a big role. It is a reflection of the thoughts and internal state.

10. Books. Reading about the fate of others — better understand your. Read stories about other people's lives.

11. Planning. Any of incompleteness, omissions and doubts harm the woman. As paradoxical as may sound, but a clear plan is a sure way for help to keep their energy. Even the little things! Start with them and then go for months and years to come.

12. Picnics. Be sure to bring friends! Here, energy will be restored on several levels.

13. The club of young moms. The exchange of experience and the exchange of energy. After a Month — mother stands up and her energy is exclusively female.

14. Romantic movies. No need to explain. Call a girlfriend to visit!

15. Clothing. Not only beautiful cocktail dresses, but also at home! Don't forget about the clothes.

16. Feeding birds or animals. Very simple way to boost your energy. Feeder for birds. Buying a home Canaries, which, incidentally, helps family happiness.

17. Photos. Never hesitate to enjoy themselves and celebrate good pictures!

18. Sexual selectivity. Several partners will doom you to destruction. Store loyalty. After all, in order to impress a man requires a lot of energy, and you should not spend it prematurely to sex.

19. Compliments. Both themselves and other women. Sincerely kind word will make you stronger. If you are not able to say anything nice, try to resolve this issue. The rejection of the other women is a complications in your own life.

20. Tenderness. Please help to know yourself and to understand.

21. Attention and surprises for no reason. Cards, flowers, candy... a Woman needs to give. Giving — it's getting full.

22. Dignity. Knowledge, you is the most beautiful thing could be created by the Creator. Be aware of your charm and beautiful features.

23. Music. Listen to music every day. Meditative, classical, just the one that like. Make it a habit to include music, for example, in the morning over a Cup of herbal beverage. Will be very good if will sound mantra.

24. Bath with rose petals, oils. This is not an indulgence but a necessity! Giving a little to your body, You are surprised by their own lights and great mood.

van with petals

25. The voice lessons. Singing clears the throat chakra, and we don't want to swear, blame the men. In Sparta in ancient times one of the compliments for a woman was: "she's like a song."

26. A visit to the psychologist. But always women! A wise, experienced woman can help you to look at the situation differently, to understand it. Wisdom is passed from older women. For this reason, it is useful to communicate with their own grandmothers, great-grandmothers.

27. Yoga. The practice of yoga calms the mind and gives strength. It is desirable to engage women, and married. Male coach teaches only loading the body with energy to share, he can not, simply because he is male.

28. The care of plants. A small garden house or garden — an additional way to stock up on feminine energy. Flowering, growth is all a reflection of the female energy.

29. Help. The Board any help or assistance. Learn to abandon the principle of "I", because this is a typical male principle.

30. Request for help from men. Any caring makes us more feminine. Conduct an experiment and ask a stranger to help you carry the bag. The mood will rise to 100%!

31. Separation with someone duties at home. Boldly trust some business friends.

The house is not just an apartment in which we live. Do women there is a powerful energy connection. So we are so annoying squeaky door or a leaky faucet. For women it's not just the bugs, through these "holes" follows the female energy.

But just in such small things sometimes matter a man not to be disturbed. Why? Man thinks big: "you'll be useless the entire tile in the bathroom, then the new will. That ten times to lubricate the walls!". Sometimes it's easier to hire someone who will fix minor bugs. Just don't forget to tell your husband that you did it knowing that he is very busy, and not because his hands do not grow out of the place. Men's self-esteem is very vulnerable.

32. Festive lunch or dinner with candles, beautiful tablecloths and fine dining. It turns out that all we are doing even more for myself, though, and I want to raise the tone of a loved one. Bring such magical moments in life. Raduyte yourself and loved ones

33. The acting lessons. The woman lives in a world of emotions. Playing different roles on the stage, you can not only understand yourself better but also get rid of the accumulated aggression or share the joy.

34. Makeup and grooming. This is not the way to please a man, but first and foremost bringing joy to myself. Therefore, while at home it is important to do hair, wear clothes and look good.

35. Skirts, dresses. Such clothing restores the connection with the energy of nature by the female line. There is a rule not to wear pants on the first 7 (!) Dating in that case, if you really want to charm a man. It is established that the constant wearing of trousers has a negative impact on women's bodies.

36. Taking care of children. Do not refuse to help a married friend to play with as a child. Any manifestation of concern for women is the way to Power. The main thing — not to be treated like a child man.

37. Learning a new culture. Contributes to the expansion of the worldview and allows the woman not to dwell on the inner world. The feminine energy seeks to expand, no need to narrow it down artificially.

38. Exercise. If you feel fatigue, start to learn a new sport. It can be not only a new kind of fitness, but simply a morning jog. A very useful dance. A great way to recover.

39. Demolition debris. Old stuff, junk and trash weaken the power of women. If life came a difficult period — it's time to clean up the mess.

40. Poetry. Reading poetry helps to reveal romantic side of the "I". Feel free to write your poems. Beautiful style teaches to speak beautifully and to think correctly.

41. A visit to the Museum or exhibition. All beautiful makes a woman more beautiful.

42. Diary. Daily record your thoughts, desires, goals. Unable to paste into the diary the picture or draw yourself. Your feelings are important! Therefore, it is important to record. Accumulating the energy of emotions in a woman then be forced to throw it at the man, which in itself is not very good. In addition, the record of the thoughts contributes to their analysis.

43. The definition of desire. Specify for yourself desire: what you really want, especially in relationships.

And forget about "can". Can — is a prerogative of Men. The man says: I can win, I can take her for a wife (or may not). When a woman starts to think much in the style of "I can", she becomes a man. Compare: "I want to look good. I want him to like you. I want to get married" and "I look good, I like him, I can get married".

44. Obedience. Disputes, competition and other aspects of active behavior reduce the level of energy. Try to be soft and diplomatic. For this reason, the conquest of men is very draining woman.

45. Purity. Keep clean your house, your body and your mind. Time to get out of the house. Do not accumulate negative memories of the past. The easiest way to raise the energy — to stand under the shower. Purity brings Power.

46. Decorative-applied art. Knitting, embroidery, modeling: what you can do with your hands raises your level of feminine energy.

47. The expression of love in any form, at any time. Hug, kiss favorite. Speak words of love to the world, people, their things: the sun, spring breeze, rain and even their sadness, for she is your teacher. Any rejection and struggle maketh the woman.

48. Proper nutrition. Use products that have undergone less processing and closer to nature. Remember, what power gives the Apple, plucked in the garden? And some hamburger. The sensations are very different.

proper nutrition

49. Stay alone with yourself. Do not be afraid of those times when you be all alone. Do not run married out of loneliness. Use this time to focus on yourself. Nature has put a monthly period when the woman must think only about themselves (menstruation).

50. Learn to work with the energy of the moon. Wait outside in the moonlight, charge the lunar rays the water, and then add it to the bath. Please contact Luna for help with women's ailments.

51. Charity. It is a pure expression of feminine energy. If you can do something to help someone, do it.

52. Flavors. You should always be based on the aura of pleasant fragrance. The woman is a flower. Buying new perfumes and fragrance choice enhances female energy.

53. The preparation of bouquets. Working with colors makes the charge of new forces, renewal and flowering.

54. Affectionate speech. Learn to communicate without aggression and pressure. Feminine energy thrives from a couple of tender words spoken by you. Abusive, obscene words reduce women's energy.

55. The source of water. Rest on the river, the lake, the sea is a great way to raise the level of their energy.

Water is the basis of a woman's sexuality and her ability to be harmonious, adaptable to the circumstances or Vice versa is rapid.In ancient Greek temples of Aphrodite young priestesses necessarily taught to swim and interact with the water element.

56. The rejection of complex topics for reflection and negotiation. The woman helpful to be frivolous and think about nothing. The role of the girl gives an invincible youth. Especially this point is important for a business lady. Try to leave work and not bring them into the house.