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  • Anna
    After the appearance of the child was not up to lovemaking, but when the baby is a little older, it became clear that it is not fatigue, but lack of desire. I like that there is some fear of intimacy. In finding solutions to problems came across powder Forte Love. Decided to try it – I was attracted by the fact that the composition without any chemicals. Husband was in shock, I did not expect such effect. All problems, fatigue and fears vanished. Suggest!
    Forte Love
  • Natascha
    In past relationships I had to survive infidelity, so it gave the imprint of intimacy with the new boyfriend. My libido was at zero. A friend advised me to try forte love. Now I am very grateful, because the sex has become a regular and very welcome, and orgasms more bright and long lasting.
    Forte Love
  • Tobias
    My wife and I have lived many years, and every year the sex was becoming less and less. I invited her to a cafe, to a movie, to unwind, to forget about life. But her libido is not affected. Once read on a forum about powder Forte Lovebought a few packs and secretly decided to pour tea. It was just a firework of emotions, the sex was long and bright. Then, of course, I confessed the secret, first wife was offended, but then she realized that the preservation of marriage and good sex is much more important than my little deception. Now his wife and she is not averse to drink this remedy.
    Forte Love
  • Florian
    Wife has gained about 15 pounds overweight, which she has a complex about her figure. Me it pounds do not embarrassed, but she avoided any intimacy. Then I went online and found the reviews about the powder forte love. I bought it and asked her to try. Now and the sex is great, and weight loss is much more active.
    Forte Love
  • Sabine
    I was always quite cold in bed – well, it was not my daily desire to have sex. And after failure of hormonal sex and moved into the category of festive events. Husband, this situation did not suit, so he began to offer me to try some stimulant. From all the drugs and chemicals I immediately refused. Then he brought me the powder forte love. Immediately after the first admission our sex life sparkle with new colors, and in General, relations have become more gentle and warm. So I advise you to buy the drug to all the girls who have problems with libido.
    Forte Love
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