Perfume with pheromones-myth or reality how to apply

Different smells accompany the person throughout life. The man or woman has its own unique flavor. In some it is elusive and it is not felt, and some people stand out from the crowd due to its odor. Scientists have determined that not only the color of the skin, eyes and hair distinguishes people from each other. In perfumery and cosmetics of the XX century appeared a new trend - the fragrances with pheromones. They became widespread. What they need - perfume with pheromones? Let's face it.

What is it?

aphrodisiacs for women and men

Pheromones - an extensive group of chemical compounds that have the ability to influence the endocrine response of an organism. These ingredients cause people of the opposite sex reaction, associated with reproduction. The pheromones have the ability to influence a variety of processes: they control the feelings, emotions and physiological state.

There are two kinds of pheromones: organic and synthetic. Organic produce specific human glands, extracted from plants. Synthetic produced in a laboratory.

Organic include:

  • The androstenone.. Basically produced for men, making to see him as a representative of the stronger sex, able to reproduce.
  • The most powerful female pheromone. Female pheromone which increases the men libido.
  • The most powerful male pheromone. Produced for men and women, contributes to the emergence of feelings of a young and strong man, best copy for reproduction.
  • The androstadienone. Pheromone inherent in men that can lift the mood and bring a smile.
  • The Androsterone. Refers to the male pheromones that cause women a sense of security.

Synthetic pheromones:

  1. Pheromone that increases sexual attractiveness.
  2. A pheromone which is capable of increasing the activity of the men.

Mainly in perfumes are synthetic components, reinforced by the action of vegetable and animal aphrodisiacs.

What you should know about pheromones?

Of such substances, the following is known:

  • About 10% of men stands the pheromone Androsterone, which explains their success with women.
  • Fixing means hair block the action of these substances located in the hair.
  • Alcohol destroys pheromones, so the perfume with aphrodisiac on alcohol does not exist.
  • Substances are easily destroyed by means of sweat and not penetrate through clothing.

Having an idea about the features of pheromones, it is possible to avoid situations associated with their preservation.

How to apply perfume with pheromones?

A perfume with a similar fragrance has great popularity, despite the fact that the effect of the substances is not fully understood and there are still many mysteries and secrets. Scientists are still studying the effect of perfume with pheromones.

The human body recognizes this smell organ of Jacobson, which was found recently. Initially it was assumed that it exists only in animals. Organ located in the nasopharynx and is a receptor for the smell of a certain type. The influence of pheromone is not a smell, and a signal which enters the brain through a special channel.

Substances themselves do not have a strong odor, but they definitely suffer without any problems. The effectiveness of the pheromones occurs only during close contact.

For reviews, perfume with pheromones affect people differently. Definite reaction to these scents exist. The person who received the signal about the attractiveness of the opposite sex, be sure to give attention and subconsciously wants the contacts close.

How are the spirits?


The first perfume was created in the US in 90-ies of the last century. Since that time the release of such funds, which have added a large number of effective chemical compounds. There are perfumes with pheromones for men and women.

To fully decipher the impact on the body of the pheromone and its composition failed, despite the development of science. The substance turned out to be so unique and complex that to repeat it in the original, couldn't one of the scientists.

For reviews, perfume with pheromones made in a special way. Currently it is based come from pig glands, because this animal is closest to humans in terms of anatomy. Glands of cattle treated and add them to the spirits. Upon initial release of these perfumes were conducted studies that were aimed at transformation of the women in the centerfolds.

The men began to note the changed attitude to the girls better, and has better contact the speech and the eye, but stick attachment was observed. Currently manufactured a lot of women's perfume with pheromones.

If you use this kind of perfume continuously, the result can be of interest to the wrong man or woman, and absolutely strangers. To apply a similar perfume with caution.

Features of perfume for girls

What properties have women's perfume with pheromones? These perfumes contain substances that are able to attract male attention. This is the sex hormones that subconsciously help a person to choose their mate. Pheromones produced in the armpits and nasolabial depression. Corresponding receptors catch this slight smell.

Research has shown that a few drops of perfume are enough to feel the effect and the woman was able to become attractive to men.

When using perfume increases in girls attractiveness, and increases the chance to stand out from the crowd of beauties. Although the perfume is not a panacea in the complex relationships of men and women. And how she will dispose of the increased attention fully dependent on her.

The features perfume for men

For the strong half of mankind are also produced perfume with pheromones. The main component of the perfume is Androstenedione, which is able to attract women to its owner.

The impact of perfume with pheromones for men? In some cases, the woman is completely unaware of the reason for this attraction, although this happens in almost 90% of cases. Pheromones allow you to find a woman who is physiologically suited to this man. Thanks to perfume, there is a real opportunity to find a soul mate. After all, being surrounded by many women, a man can feel relaxed and confident.

What kind of perfume with pheromones to choose?

As soon as it became aware of such materials, a perfume company began to produce these products. Perfume scents are different, therefore anyone can choose the fragrance they desire. When buying perfume, be sure to read their ingredients on the box. The fragrance should not be alcohol that destroys volatile compounds and pheromones.

What is the best perfume with pheromones? You should select a song that has the musk. This element is extracted from the is ready to breed cattle and has a strong effect on attracting the opposite sex.

It is well known that the acquisition and distribution of large volumes of human pheromone is prohibited by law. This can lead to the emergence of the human mental illness of a sexual nature.

what perfume to choose

Pheromones or aphrodisiacs of herbal origin have greater safety. Such substances are added to almost all modern perfumes. You should select the perfume, which is present in maximum quantity or variety of these components. The pheromones of plant origin include:

  • musk;
  • heard;
  • ylang-ylang oil;
  • ginger;
  • cumin.

The choice of perfume must stay on the scent that will appeal to the owner of the spirits. Otherwise, the person may withdraw into themselves, and his natural pheromones won't be able to move.

When choosing a perfume, you need to advice the seller about the origin of the components of the perfume and not to acquire them if it is composed of animal pheromones that can render a partner a strong impact in the form of addiction.

Perfume with pheromones unscented

Spirits exist, lack of flavor. However, the pheromones a person feels at the molecular level, and they mix with the natural body odor. These spirits can be combined with ordinary perfume. In this case, a person will exude a unique smell.

How to use perfume with pheromones?

The period of exposure to perfume short - he is only 6-8 hours. According to reviews, the footwear must be correctly applied:

  • This is best done on open areas of skin which are close to blood vessels. Optimal areas of application - cheekbones, a wrist, the inner surface of the elbow, and lobe of the ear.
  • The body must be clean.
  • Before use, do not need to use lotions, creams or deodorants.
  • If you use only two drops.
  • Apply perfume with pheromones is necessary in rare cases.
  • So as not to interfere with the perception of such substances, it is best to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, which allows the natural flavor of the body.

The application of such recommendations, the effectiveness of the perfume with pheromones will increase and its owner will issue its own unique fragrance.

Features of the application of the perfume

If you use perfume with pheromones, according to buyers, you should consider some points:

  1. Fragrance exerts its influence only on members of the opposite sex that are nearby. Because pheromones are volatile substances, and therefore disintegrate rapidly in the air.
  2. The person who received the signal of rapprochement, because of his modesty, or insecurity, may not have tokens.
  3. Spirits have the ability to attract members of the opposite sex, but to love the person for them.
  4. Such a perfume it is impossible to use thoughtlessly. Sometimes their use can lead to negative consequences if there will be drunken or disorderly people.

This perfume must be used properly, given the previous advice.

Perfume with pheromones - myth or reality?

means for initiating

Having dealt with what can be called pheromones and their effects on the body, it can be concluded that these perfumes in their pure form do not exist. After the acquisition of such spirits is forbidden by law. You can buy perfume with herbal aphrodisiacs and to attract the attention of the opposite sex. To bend the will of man is impossible. You can use natural ways of seduction, such as smile and the gleam in his eyes. Such methods are more efficient and safer pheromones.