Erogenous zones of girls: where and how to find them on the woman's body

The human body has high sensitivity, but this is especially noticeable in women. Therefore, for girls not so important intercourse as a prelude to sexual contact, which includes massage, touch and caress the erogenous zones, that is zones that are most sensitive to touch. Contrary to rumors that all of the erogenous zones of the girls within the genital organs or breast, and points much more, each ladies their area. To identify the most sensitive places, the man sometimes takes a long time. Therefore it is better to know in advance where the most commonly located erogenous zones in women, so as not to waste time on long search.

The most common place

the point of arousal in women

Of course, certain areas on the body women most often have a high sensitivity therefore the massage or caress to these places, the most exciting. How to find the area? To get started is to pay attention to the chest and are particularly sensitive spot between his chest. Not accidentally, many men subconsciously like this female organ. The nerve endings of the breast associated with the nerves in the genital organs, which explains the reflex of excitement there.

The next point is responsible for arousal, is the neck. Even if the fact that the partner is fully dressed and the man does not refer to other caresses, neck kissing can lead the lady in awe and to place up to a closer contact. Don't forget about the place behind the ears. Not to say that the ears are the most erogenous zones, but many people do not mind that they did massage the ear. Quickly to the excitement of the massage does not work, but relaxation of the partner, the procedure will certainly contribute.

Speaking of erogenous zones on the body, not to mention the back. Special sensitivity has a line near the vertebra. This is because of the load of the skin due to the release of a large number of nerves from the spinal canal.

Absolute favorite of all the erogenous zones and points are the genitals. What is not said about massage point g (g)! Some theories of its presence and absence, as well as sensitivity are not nominated! However, the truth remains: the strength of the impact rarely a part of the body of the girl is more sensitive than the genitals. In particular, the excitation of the partner may cause touching:

  1. Small sexual lips. Sufficiently strong excitation caused by friction of the penis on the labia.
  2. Clit. It is believed that this small anatomical area in the female is analogous to the penis in men. Accordingly, anyone can conclude what a stimulating effect on the body can provide the skillful caress of this erogenous points.
  3. The vagina, especially its lower part. There are many conflicting opinions regarding the sensitivity of the area. Many researchers have linked the occurrence of intense arousal at the gifts this part of the body with the presence of a g-spot. However, accurate information exactly how to find this site, and partner will respond with excitement at the gifts of this area, no. So if you have and girls have the desire to look and to try acupressure, then you can try, however, to focus on finding is not worth it.

Closes the list of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the body of women's inner thighs. A light caress of this zone, can wear the tantalizing nature due to its proximity to the genitals. It is because of these sensations of stroking and a slight tingling sensation in this erogenous zone is invariably lead to excitation.

Perhaps this is your option

It happens that the standard women's erogenous zones does not correspond exactly to your partner, in spite of all the efforts. In this case, the man should look for other erogenous areas that may be a surprise for the girls. A list of more rare erogenous zones women to lead the inner side of the palm.

It is no secret that the palm is richly supplied with sensitive nerve endings. Of course, in ordinary life, the stimulation of the palm may not cause excitation, otherwise the woman would be unable to lead a normal lifestyle. Meanwhile, in the appropriate intimate setting soft massage of the internal part of the palm is able to turn a girl on and get her consent for a more intimate touch. The same advice applies to sensitive places on the wrist.

Other erogenous zones in men and women:

  • Buttocks. Nature is not inherent abundance of sensitive endings of this zone. So sometimes to get a response arousal of the girl, the man should try not only lightly touch the fifth point of his ladies, but to nibble it with moderate force, or even try to slap your partner.
  • Internal elbow bend. This part of the body not the head of the erogenous points of women, but due to the delicate and vulnerable skin, richly supplied with nerve endings, very sensitive to touch.
  • The stomach. Many people can't stand touching your own belly, but to clearly answer the question whether your girl of them, impossible. Will have to try! If you see a positive reaction, and do partner experiences arousal from the touch, such a request can enter the men's Arsenal of sexual skills. If the reaction of the girls when touching this area is negative, then the efforts will be better.

Many Eastern practices are recommended as a prelude to sex to excite women to hold a foot massage.


arousing a woman

Many men consider foreplay erogenous zones or points of the girl's body useless waste of time, due to a higher sensitivity of the men exclusively when touching the genitals. Meanwhile, in order to achieve arousal and to orgasm, the woman the foreplay. As a result of this haste men between partners there is misunderstanding and, as a result, the sense of inconsistency to each other. To avoid such a situation, sexologists suggest:

  1. To avoid haste, although and tighten the prelude is not worth it. Sexual areas or points of the body of the girl should pay as much attention to this enough for adequate excitation of female.
  2. Not to be shy and to ask whether the girl's actions. Sometimes the woman herself is ashamed to say what it likes, so it's best to listen to the reaction of the woman while you will not be able to fully explore its sensitivity.
  3. Don't limit yourself caress erogenous zones and points only stroking. Some women like stronger touch, and someone- only kisses.

And to top it off: if the search of the erogenous zones or points on the body women not lead to its excitation, it may be better to look for them "in the head" girls. Sometimes lack of excitement is due to the inability to fully relax, disconnect from everyday life, lack of confidence in their own attractiveness. If you see these signs in your girlfriend, on the question of how to excite a girl, one answer: give her a sense of security and confidence in their own attractiveness and of your love. The reaction will not keep itself waiting!