Why pain in lower abdomen after intercourse, and what to do in this case

There is a common opinion, from which we can conclude that sex is a source of pleasure and enjoyment. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. According to statistics, about 50 percent claim that after intercourse they feel an absence of pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen. Why is this happening and is this normal? Tell.

Causes of lower abdominal pain after sex

abdominal pain

Very often women on reception at the gynecologist complain that they have pain in lower abdomen after intercourse. The most common cause include inflammatory diseases that develop in the pelvic organs.

In some cases the decisive factor is a sexually transmitted disease. It is often hidden flows and rarely makes itself felt. To dangerous diseases include chlamydia and gonorrhea.

If you pull the abdomen after sexual intercourse, the reasons can hide in the following:

  • surgical procedure in the form of abortions and diagnostic vysalivanie;
  • the use of intrauterine devices;
  • the weakening of the immune function.

At occurrence of painful sensations in the stomach of a patient, it was necessary to visit the doctor. If long time not to pay attention to the symptoms, complications can arise that lead to infertility and difficulties carrying a child.

Diseases that are characterized by pain after intercourse

If after sexual intercourse pain in lower abdomen, you should think about health. Perhaps the reason lies in the presence of any disease.

Thrush or candidiasis

Lower abdominal pain after intercourse often occurs if the woman developed a fungal disease of the vaginal area. At first glance it seems harmless. But if you do not take timely measures, the pain syndrome will only increase.

The cause of the pathological state becomes long-term use of antibiotics or antimicrobials, frequent douching, the presence of Allergy to pads, condoms or substandard underwear.

Disease manifests itself with symptoms such as severe itching and burning, painful sensations in the abdomen after the intercourse, frequent urination, appearance of white cheesy discharge.


Still one of the popular causes of pain is an inflammatory process which occurs in the pelvic organs. Characterized by the growth of a particular layer outside the uterine cavity. The causes of the disease are still not fully known. But doctors warn their patients that the disease can occur in any woman of reproductive age.

The main symptom of endometriosis is considered heavy bleeding during menstruation. Thus there is strong pain. When distributing special lesions outside the uterine cavity develop some processes. That is why stomach pain after intercourse.

Low quality sex

Often the problem of pain lies in poor sex. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

Lack of arousal women. During arousal the vagina increases in size. If the partner is excited enough, it will not allocated the right amount of lubricant, and penis men will be more than the size of the vagina.

Sharp and intense movements during sex. Rough treatment of the mucous membrane of the vagina and the uterine cavity is exposed to injury.

Venous stagnation blood

If a woman is at the peak of excitement, the blood begins to actively come to the genitals. Cause the accumulation of blood is also sedentary and a sedentary lifestyle. If a woman is not happy in sex, not engaged in regular sexual life or for a long time refrained from sexual intercourse, the outflow is much worse. Against this background, the girl feels a heaviness and uncomfortable feeling in lower abdomen.

Each time, the pain will only increase. Over time, even regular sex can't save from pain. As a result, sex will bring only suffering.

Do not forget that the venous stagnation of blood leads to the development of a number of serious diseases in the form of endometriosis, fibroids, disorders of the ovaries, mastitis.

Anatomical incompatibility

Sick in the belly, maybe for the reason that penis the man is too big. The vagina has the ability to lengthen 2-3 inches when sexually stimulated.

Experts have calculated that the average length of the male sexual organ should be 12 to 14 inches. If it exceeds this value, the probability of anatomical incompatibility increases significantly. Thus, women will feel pain not only after sex, but during it.

If there is such a problem, the experts advise to use a special ring. They allow you to control depth of entry and to limit the penetration to prevent the development of painful sensations.

Lack of orgasm

To hurt and pull the belly, maybe for the reason that the woman does not feel complete satisfaction during sex. In intimacy during arousal blood rushes to the pelvic organs. If the girl likes the outflow of blood is broken.

Against this background, to appear not only drawing, but also cutting pain. If this happens often, it will lead to the violation of the ovaries. To solve the problem is possible if to try to change poses. If this does not help, you should ask for help to the sexologist.

Pain after the intercourse during pregnancy

how to remove pain

Special attention should be paid to have sex on the stage of gestation. Opinions about sexual relations between a couple are different. Some doctors flatly against pregnant had sex. Others put some restrictions, if there is a threat of miscarriage and problems with pregnancy. In other cases, sex is possible, but adhering to some recommendations.

If a pregnant woman experiences discomfort or pain, then it could be:

  • a reduction in uterine cavity. During sexual intercourse, the uterus begins to contract even harder. This process leads to pain;
  • fear. Every expectant mother worries about her pregnancy. Against this background, during sex, a woman can not fully relax. Therefore, the vaginal muscles are severely strained, and the result is a nagging pain in the lower abdomen;
  • exhaustion and debility of the body. This phenomenon is usually observed in the morning sickness, frequent insomnia, chronic fatigue and sex in the unexcited state.

If the pain only intensified, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is possible that the expectant mother observed tone. The most dangerous period to have sex is the first trimester up to 12 weeks and the third trimester after 32-35 weeks. This can lead to miscarriage or premature labor.

Preventive and therapeutic measures

If a woman experiences discomfort during intercourse, it is best to visit the doctor. He will examine and prescribe the ultrasonic diagnosis. In the absence of pathology doctors suggest using special fixtures.

If the reason lies in some diseases, is assigned to medical therapy. Candidiasis prescribe antifungal agents. And good efficiency of irrigation show a weak soda solution.

In venous diseases of the blood are assigned to specific drugs that enhance outflow. The duration of treatment is from 1 to 3 months.

If the cause of pain was a sexual infection, then the treatment is carried out from both partners. In such cases, be sure to drink strong antibiotics. For women prescribed vaginal suppositories and gels. Men are advised to use special ointments. Sex should stop for two weeks.

In some cases, may require surgical intervention. These include the presence of benign tumors, inflammation of the Appendix. In each situation, the solution to the problem is chosen individually on the basis of reasons.