Woman and sexual intercourse: what a woman feels

One of the most important signs of puberty is the sexual feeling, sexual desire (libido sexualis). Sexual feeling in women, develops gradually. In libido it is necessary to distinguish two distinct components: the desire of mutual rapprochement and desire sexual intercourse. Women have particularly developed the first.

It is noteworthy that it can develop quite independently without going to another. It is an emotional relationship to the person of the other sex the doctor for a long time defined as "higher love." Because of this feeling, the person becomes very near and dear. On the contrary, in men, particular importance has craving for sexual intercourse that doctors define as the sensual component of love. This component includes the desire to obtain specific feelings of bliss that arise in the process of intimacy.

Thus, if sexual attraction men primarily manifested with a sensual side, and only later (in 21-25 years) combined with the feeling of love for a friend, then the girls in the presence of the composition to a convergence of course is no desire for sexual intercourse. It is the desire they have after only a few months of marital sex life, often only after the first birth.

Thus, in the structure of sexual desire women the leading element at all stages of life is love to the loved one. Sensual the same component, usually a young woman for some time, not even after the sex, and then he gradually develops.

Physiology of sexual intercourse in women

orgasm in women

To better understand the mechanism of sexual intercourse in the female body, we suggest to familiarize with the anatomy of the female genital organs.

Sexual intercourse (coitus) usually occur under the influence of sexual arousal (voluptas), the high point of which is orgasm (orgasmus) after him comes the period of calm (defluvium) that occurs after sexual intercourse. The lack of sexual arousal in women is called frigidity. During intercourse, the man erect penis pushes the walls of the vagina, and with a comprehensive introduction fills it.

The introduction of the erect penis is facilitated by the ability of the vagina to stretch considerably. Due to the onset of sexual arousal before the introduction of the penis into the vagina men from the glands of Cooper spills out sticky secret which wets the head of your cock and make it slippery. Substance secreted by special glands in the head, makes the head thick, which also facilitates its introduction into the vagina.

In large and small lips laid a particular tissue surrounded by connective tissue. During sexual excitement it is engorged with blood, the outflow of which is terminated, while the influx continues it. The result is a swelling of the clitoris, large and small labia with the formation of elastic rollers. Thanks to these transformations the access to the vagina becomes free. At the same time the female prostate, are small glands of the vestibule and the cervix emit light, transparent mucus.

During intercourse not only not observed any resistance, but, on the contrary, it is much easier and frictions are painless.

The woman also involved in the process: the skin and mucosa of the penis rubs against the transverse folds of the vagina. At the same time there are involuntary rhythmic contractions of the vaginal walls as a result of its activities sphincters. These reductions are particularly noticeable just before the termination of swelling of the genital organs.

How is the female orgasm?

When both participants in the intercourse there is a feeling of sensuality as a result of excitation of nerve cells located in the tip of my penis, and the woman in the head of the clitoris, in the vagina, and the vulva and in the vagina. Irritation, which are perceived by these nerve endings are transmitted to the spinal cord and then to the brain. These irritation accumulate and intensify until they reach a level of excitation, which occurs a number of new reflexes. The final link is the ejection of semen in men (ejaculation) and the secretion of the glands of the cervix and Bartolini glands in women. Ejaculation is accompanied by a voluptuous sensation of orgasm. The origin of the orgasm is not completely understood.

Women to have an orgasm there needs to be sufficient irritation of erogenous zones and erotic mentally readiness for sexual intercourse. Unlike men, women increase orgasm is much slower, and the decay time longer. The period of the "peaks" of orgasm still long both.

Orgasm intensity is highly variable and depends on the temperament and Constitution of man. Orgasm may not occur as a result of reducing the excitability of the relevant parts of the visual hillocks damage to this site or the braking effect of the cerebral cortex, caused by psychogenic factors (indifference, disgust, etc.).

Worth mentioning is also this unusual and very strong sensations of orgasm as squirt or jet orgasm. Its essence is that the woman cums liquid: a small fountain of clear liquid splashed out from the vagina during orgasmic contractions. This fluid formed in special glands, not to be confused with urine. To achieve a strong orgasm a woman can, if the man will stimulate the anterior vaginal wall or the g-spot.

How long is a sex act in a woman?

The normal duration of sexual intercourse ranges from 2 to 6 minutes. However, here the great value has the character of a person. For the duration of sexual intercourse is also influenced by the intervals between sexual intercourse. Long sexual contents and strong sexual arousal greatly reduce the duration of sexual intercourse.

Why during sex in women not drive?


One of the most severe psychological trauma women may be disappointing in person. Married with the person who caused her bright and high feelings, she discovers unexpectedly cynical look his men in the sexual life, in which she plays the role of a simple device bliss.

That is why particular importance is the ratio of male to female during sexual intercourse. Rudeness and lack of tact shown by her husband during the first sexual intercourse, creates in women a negative reflex to sexual intercourse. And if the next communication is not make positive changes, this reflex becomes pathologic, causing further sexual frigidity. The most cautious should be the attitude of a young girl who has not had sexual intercourse.

If she's still a virgin, you feel the fear of the first sexual intercourse. Therefore, one should not in whatever was to achieve from his wife's first sexual intercourse necessarily in the "first night" and quietly wait a few days to process the daily conversation women have completely passed the fear.

In this regard, girls who are married, doctors should conduct interviews, explain to them that the loss of virginity is not a disaster, as it often seems to some. The hymen is only very rarely solid. Basically it has a hole. If the shape of the hymen is such that sexual intercourse violate its integrity, the first sexual act she's toiling; this marked a slight pain. The bleeding that occurs in these cases, insignificant.

Injury during sex

Complications, and trauma during sexual intercourse can occur both in men and women. Sometimes the woman during coitus can be significant damage to the genital tract. The rupture of the hymen depends on the degree of mechanical action. The results of this damage are varied: the hymen tears, lacerations, even the separation of the hymen, mainly rectal Department.

These injuries occur due to stamping and stretching with the introduction of the penis into the hole in the hymen. The edges of the hymen in this case pressed inwards due to the distension and rupture.

Breaks during sexual intercourse can occur in different places, but most often they are in figure 6 (for the precise marking of gaps is conventionally portray them with the clock face) or on the sides. When rupture of the hymen at the 6 of the clock sometimes roughly carried out sexual intercourse, in addition to foam, tear the back wall of the vagina, mainly mucosa. In severe degree of immaturity of the genital area these lesions go to the complete rupture of the perineum and vaginal walls and vaults.

In infantile women which is a consequence of the underdevelopment of the genitals, and in elderly and old - the result of atrophy and delicate fabrics.

There are also complications such as spastic reduction in women vagina, resulting in so strong a pinched member, the front part of it, especially the head, swells considerably, and the member cannot be withdrawn from the vagina. In these cases the woman has to expose anesthesia or eliminate the infringement with a warm bath.

Sometimes during sexual intercourse, difficulties arise in connection with the dryness of the vaginal mucosa in case of violation of secretion of the glands of Cowper or special glands. In these cases, dry mucosa before intercourse it is recommended to moisten by smearing a thick emulsion, ointment or saliva.

Rare, but still happens is a catastrophic complication during sexual intercourse as death. Death in connection with sexual intercourse occurs during or shortly after him more often in men than in women, the elderly, patients with sclerosis of cerebral and coronary arteries, especially if this was preceded by overeating or abuse of alcohol. Death can be the result of a stroke, heart attack, embolism, heart failure, and tuberculosis - severe pulmonary hemorrhage.

sexual intercourse

In some cases, gynecologists and forensic doctors have to deal with the complaints of men, particularly this happens in families, preaching Islam. Last after the wedding night accused their wives in fraud in connection with a small number or complete lack of blood. In their opinion, this fact is proof of long-standing violations of the hymen. However, the examination in such cases almost always shows that men have been misled due to the presence of their wives of such forms the hymen, which in its anatomical features allow sexual intercourse without integrity violations. If the hymen are very low, discharge of blood from the surface of the tears is too small or not at all.

Obstacles to sex women have: vaginismus, infantilism of the genitals, severe atrophic processes in them, the ugliness of the development of external or internal genitalia (hymen, vagina), inflammation, tumors, etc.