Female arousal — signs and behavior


What are the signs of sexual arousal? This question is raised by many representatives of the stronger sex. It is very important to catch the moment when she is ready to move on to more intimate actions. There are two groups of signs of excitation women. Those that can see and that you can feel. Girls often try to hide their interest in the male sex. But not all reactions of the body amenable to conscious control. Don't worry! Body language will reveal all her secret desires.

The secrets of female physiology

Women, unlike men, physiology of excitation is much more complex. It is a specific interaction of hormones. Also, don't underestimate the value of foreplay. It helps her to tune in, to then reach the peak of pleasure. Of course, there are exceptions, when the passion literally covers every cell of her body in seconds. But let's be honest, this happens infrequently.

Let's finally see what happens to the female body during arousal. There is a sharp rush of blood to the pelvic organs. The labia increase and become softer. Also growing in size and the clitoris, something like an erection in men. Clitoris — a highly sensitive area. Therefore, the gifts of his beloved, be careful, strong pressure or rubbing may cause discomfort.

Further, a large amount of vaginal lubrication. The vagina expands a bit, preparing for sexual intercourse. It is noteworthy that at this moment girls can appear the characteristic movements of the pelvis.

Main signs of female arousal

Suppose your relationship has long gone to a new level. How to recognize a signal for sex?

The girl's body will tell you a lot. It is important to know where to look.

First note what outfit a lady came to our meeting with you. Her slinky dress, a blouse with a plunging neckline, or a provocatively short mini shorts? Maybe the woman wants to impress you and arouse your instincts.

Sign of a powerful attraction to a man is the posture. Girls will vygibat the back and keep your posture so that chest and buttocks took appetizing rounded shape.

External symptoms of excitement is pretty obvious. Experienced men with one glance can understand the mood of his companion.

For this there are the following characteristics:

1. Face. On the cheeks a slight or a pronounced blush. It can be measured in two ways: either she is already hot or still shy.
2. Eyes. Sustainable dilated pupils even in bright day light, semi-drooping eyelids, batting her eyelashes, a Flirty "old" eyes and perky Shine to say that lady to you is not indifferent.
3. The opinion will focus only on you, sent to the lips or other body parts.
4. Skin. Reddish, because of the expansion of surface blood vessels. The whole body is covered with light perspiration. If your touching or compliments can be covered with "goosebumps".
5. Lips. Priotkryty, dry, the lady will try to moisturize their language. A characteristic sign of flirting — biting lips with targeted hot look.
6. The palm of your hand. Most often humid. The girl will not know where to place your hands. Begin to pull hair, banging his fingers on the table, unconsciously stroking himself.
7. Breath. Quickens, becomes shallow, irregular. During strong sexual excitement is sometimes manifested a sense of lack of oxygen. A sign that the girl on the verge. When breathing through the mouth and throat is often dry, and the girl has convulsively to swallow his saliva.
8. Pulse. Casually touch the forearm of the girl: her pulse will rise to the maximum values.
9. Voice. Suddenly the whole women's talkativeness disappears. The answers have become monosyllabic. Or even may lose the gift of speech. The voice changed to a quiet or lethargic. However, this is not a mandatory factor, which depends on the nature and looseness of the girl.
10. Nipples. Hard, swollen, visible through clothes. At the time of initiation they are the most sensitive to touch.

The above signs are not 100% accurate. They are not only in lust, and with a normal interest in the opposite sex. They also occur in other situations (swelling of the nipple from the cold, sweating hands with excitement).

IMPORTANT! It is necessary from all sides to assess the situation in which you are with a lady, and not to start from one or two symptoms.


Ladies behavior and her sexual intentions

Depending on the sexual intentions of women, the topic of your conversation can change. Appear questions about sexual experience, or even proposals to move to a more comfortable place.

Women can also show your interest in an intimate relationship in the behavior.

A woman wants you if:

• it contributes to accidental touch;
• seductive lead up and down the stem of the glass;
• translates the themes into an intimate direction;
• exposes the shoulders and unbuttoning his neckline.

The neck is very strong erogenous zone. Her strokes can testify that the lady is ready to make love to you right here and now.

Your companion will make constant attempts to expose her body: drooping shoulder, or unbuttoned one button on his chest.

At the moment of maximum lust, the girl will be literally drawn to you. When the kiss strongly pressed to his, letting him know that "you're mine". In the case of surging passion, you will feel her nails on my back. In contact your body, from the breast of your choice will break out a voluptuous moan.

IMPORTANT! "Thick" hint of desire for intimacy is the touching and stroking of the penis, scrotum or buttocks.

The reaction which two bodies cannot be simulated?

Men remember that the girls there are only two genuine signs of sexual lust — nipples and clitoris. First, there is no problem, as they can be visible even if a woman is dressed in a light blouse and thin bra. But the second can only be felt. If you have not yet access to her panties, it doesn't matter. Gently move your hand up your inner thigh. Even through jeans, you will feel the softness and warm moisture.

Keep in mind that even if all of the above symptoms, the case before copulation could not be reached. In addition to physical arousal in women plays a great role as a psychological factor. Here come the compliments, signs of attention, and of course, foreplay. Will take a long time to the passions reached their peak.

Results: the 10 major signs of female arousal

So let's highlight the 10 main signs of sexual desire in women:

• Redness of the face, maybe neck and décolleté;
• Rapid breathing and heartbeat;
• Dilated pupils, bedroom eyes, half closed eye lids;
• Hoarse voice, light moans;
• Hard nipples sticking out from under clothing;
• An overwhelming desire to touch her man;
• Talking about sex;
• Posture, and the characteristic swaying of the hips while walking;
• Increase of the clitoris and of the labia;
• Wet panties.

Remember that the desire for intimacy occurs in women in the head. Make a good impression, give flowers and pay your lady lots of attention. Let them know that you too are excited, because for you it is the most desired and sexy woman in the world. In this case, the reaction of her body does not disappoint.