How quickly excited the woman before sex

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As a rule, men have almost never problems with arousal and getting orgasm during sex. This is not the case in women: often, even after a long foreplay long-awaited feeling of "butterflies in the stomach" never comes. But we want to adapt to the desires and the pace my man. As a woman to help yourself as quickly as possible to get excited, tell in detail our journal.

Why a woman can not get aroused before sex?

To come to a solution to the problem, first we need to clearly define what it is.

Techniques for self-excitation

Every woman has its own collection of tricks, because either way, everyone had to think on excitation, each has certain observations and conclusions. In the comments you can share your opinion on this matter, after reading (useful, hopefully) recommendations.

The right mood

Assuming we are not talking about "first times", you can say that a specific sexual experience you have, and therefore is the most important and important for "starting" butterflies in the stomach and such a sweet anticipation. Is your memory . It holds the key to rapid and effective direction of the mood in the right direction. This applies not only to sex.

Of course, to give yourself confidence, people can remember and recreate the moment when he felt confident. To enhance the mood here and now, you want to reproduce vivid memory of a positive event.

Well, to sadden without reason is enough for us to remember something bad. This chain works here. Add a little imagination, you can already feel the sweet sensation in the abdomen. By the way, for those who have a strong imagination, can be enough only a fantasy.

Erotic film

Erotic film

And for those whose imagination is not going well, or as a supplementary stimulant, we suggest to try the "delicious" movie. If you are now disdainfully wrinkled nose, do not rush to close the page. After all, it really works. It is not clear why a person experiences sexual arousal during the erotic scenes, but it is.

This is another issue that acceptable, and even nice to watch him - easy, romantic or erotic movies with three letters x. Treat yourself and loved movie night or when stiffness or superstition interfere with it, experiment with eye to eye. After all, nobody knows.

Hot tub

It is believed that a hot bath helps, because it stimulates circulation. Use your favorite oils, candles, fragrances and other "pleasures" to your taste. Some that have such an effect, we will consider below.


The item a lot of attention paid to will not. Most understand how it works. The main thing - do not overdo it.


You can experience more drastic measures, if only one effect on the emotional system does not produce results. Combine some of the above options or with a tender and gentle touch. Or rough if you want. Select time. Get to know your body, love yourself.

Aphrodisiac to excite women

  • A girl can be excited so that it is not even comes to foreplay. Or, despite the foreplay, the excitement still does not occur.
  • The first suggests itself the possibility that something is wrong with your partner: 1) He commits actions that, instead of a pleasant, not causing any feelings or even the opposite; 2) He is not interested in you as a man; 3) you May be "morally" far from it - some women just can't admit to myself the person with whom there is no psychological intimacy.
  • It may be fatigue. So, the usual physical fatigue, fatigue. If after an eventful day, you are trying to have sex and something doesn't work out, consider this: maybe the reason is simple, and nothing you just spent the last hour on the search for answers in the world wide web?
  • Fatigue can be moral, that, in principle, also not fatal, but a bit more complicated.
  • More seriously, if excited prevents some sickness or disease, including "feminine".
  • Supplementation can influence the initiation process.
  • Can be issues of a sexual nature, such as frigidity, or post-traumatic period trauma. However, they are not in the Internet, and with the help of doctors and specialists.
  • In susceptible persons, change in mood could be triggered by any little thing - this refers to something in the current situation confuses you, does not relax. Think about that.
  • Stiffness and embarrassment. May be the result of attitudes towards sex as something bad or complex about their appearance.
    • Essential oils of geranium, ylang-ylang, bergamot, saffron, sandalwood.
    • Strawberries, raspberries, avocado.
    • The bitter chocolate.
    • Olive oil.
    • Almonds.
    • Garlic (Yes, really).
    • Ginger.
    • Seafood.
    • The quail eggs.
    • Greens, asparagus, sea Kale, artichokes.
    • Spices - black pepper, Basil, anise, cardamom, cinnamon etc.

How excited the woman folk remedies?

The list of aphrodisiacs in the list above will easily make a full "aphrodisiac" menu. You can brew and infuse a variety of teas and drinks.

In addition, we offer you to make a separate paragraph , infusion of Rhodiola rosea (Golden root, Tibetan ginseng) . In folk medicine it is used for more than two thousand years to treat a variety of diseases, and use several tablespoons of the tincture an hour before close to increase anxiety and the extent of the fun.

How excited the woman quickly?

As mentioned in the methods of independent excitation, the secret is in the memory, the imagination, the regular repetition. After all, only by constantly training yourself, you will be excited when it is needed (if not needed).

Read an interesting novel with beautiful bed scenes, watch the movie according to your taste.

Think about sex, fantasize. Imagine yourself with cause you to have a certain desire a man. Do not hesitate and swing the bounds of decency. Do with it what you really want, what would not dare in real life.

Simple: buy beautiful and sexy underwear. This in which yourself want.

It's important to love yourself and your body. Admire your reflection in the mirror in this outfit, stand in a beautiful pose, smile. Rate your dignity, your sexuality. You are beautiful, isn't it?

Even on ordinary days be sexy. No wonder you got this lovely kit? Don't forget about how much sex under everyday clothing.

With the word "toys", you have associations? If nothing untoward that we need to do something. If the question is really how quickly excited the most, this option is good at least three parties:

  1. This "toy" could do me a favor, when your beloved is not with you.
  2. Will help you to relax and learn more about your body.
  3. As a bonus, can add spice to lovemaking.
How excited the woman most rapidly

Thus, on excitation. Selecting the compact option among a wide variety, try to take her with him. Accidentally stumbled on this intimate attribute in the handbag, in addition to possible embarrassment, the natural will and desire that you will experience, remembering your recent piquant entertainment.

How to initiate yourself: a step by step guide for women

  1. Groom yourself to feel the confidence is 100%.
  2. Pick clothes that emphasizes your sexuality.
  3. Make sure that you are not bothered and do not distract the situation.
  4. Light some candles if you like it, use aromatic products to get started.
  5. Turn on appropriate music or movie.
  6. Enjoy them alone or with a partner.

Practical tips for a woman: how to arouse yourself

Most importantly, this:

  1. To throw away all that binds you - someone's thoughts, stereotypes, and decent-indecent.
  2. Loving your body so much that I sincerely admire them, looking in the mirror.
  3. And if you did point 2, look at yourself again. Gently swipe across the face, the lips, the neck. How would it have made the most attractive of the young men in the most daring of your fantasies? Templates and imposed opinions is no more. That tells you then your being?
  4. Follow all that you were able to glean from this article. Listen to their desires and the desires of his body. At this time, completely get rid of modesty.

What if the woman is not excited?

The answer is obvious - to try something else.

  • Add more foreplay, or Vice versa, to reduce.
  • To try to talk about sex, say from the ambiguous hints to open dirty talking.
  • Try not to talk but to ask her half of what she wants that love that can bring discomfort. Both of you be honest.
  • Dedicate each other in not-yet-realized fantasy, and such is. Have the courage to make them.
  • Arrange a role-playing game. Try it, you'll like it. Take the role of famous characters or beat the desired situation.
  • Change the location, because it gets boring. And if "action" occurs constantly in one scenario, in one place, and God forbid even at the same time, then what is really there...
  • Many ambiguous attitude to sex shops. It is understandable - for FSU it's too steep a turn, even through a time like this.
What if the woman is not excited

However, in large stores, whether online or in your city, among the wide range is something that will have to taste each pair of: clothing, accessories, toys, games for foreplay and sex , you name it. It remains only to choose.