A list of the most effective stimulating drugs for women

To get pleasure in sexual life can not all women. Often this phenomenon is associated with insufficient production of secretions from the genital tract, causing reduced sexual activity, no desire to make love. To help to experience orgasm produced special lubrication for women, which increases arousal and desire to engage in a sexual act.

a man and a woman

Causes of low sexual desire

The lack of interest in female to male sex can be caused by certain conditions of the body, including specific diseases. Because of this intimate life is no fun, often it can even contribute to the development of discomfort, because the vagina stays dry.

The main causes of low female libido are:

  • pathology of a chronic type;
  • a violation of hormonal background;
  • emotional disorders — stress, depression, fear, strong anxiety;
  • taking a large amount of antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication;
  • excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking, drug abuse.

To determine the lack of traction to the male population a woman can own. This is reflected in the reluctance to engage in sex, lack of satisfaction. If you cannot establish the cause of low libido, you can consult a medical professional. It will set them prescribe an effective therapy, through which the woman will return the arousal and desire to engage in sexual activity.

Often, in order to identify the factors necessary to undergo a full medical examination and have to give blood to determine the level of hormones.


There are now a wide variety of lubricants and agents for women. They differ in the method of application, have a different testimony release form.

To purchase these products at any specialty store, pharmaceutical establishment. Due to the wide range you have the option to choose any drug, taking into account personal preferences, body chemistry, method of application.

There are the following forms of pathogens:

types of drugs
  • tablets and capsules — are characterized by high prevalence, because they have convenient usage. They can always carry and take quietly if necessary. The therapeutic effect occurs in 30 minutes, lasts about 5-6 hours. These stimulants can be manufactured based on synthetic or vegetable ingredients;
  • powders, solutions, drops — are very effective, arousal appears already after 10 minutes from application. These preparations contain natural ingredients, so you do not have contraindications. Due to the lack of smell, taste, solutions can be added to drink;
  • gels, ointments, sprays — suitable for outdoor use, they are made by extraction of plant aphrodisiacs. Used before intimate contact, they are applied on the genital area. The duration of the effect of such stimulants is 1-2 hours;
  • a chewable form of funds — is characterized by considerable popularity among the female gender. Can have different flavors, aromas, able to whiten teeth, freshen breath. The therapeutic effect occurs within 10 minutes.

To choose the right intimate stimulants to help the doctor, given all the advantages, the individual characteristics of the organism.

In order to obtain mutual pleasure, enjoyment in the process of lovemaking partner at the same time, it is recommended to use a stimulating lubricant for men, especially if he has some problems with potency.

How to apply

Getting pleasure from sexual intercourse in many respects depends on the correct use of lubricants. You should carefully read the instructions. You also need to consider contraindications, pay attention to the duration of intimate arousal.

Tablets and capsules are used as conventional means, they drink water. Ointment applied on the genital area with a thin layer. The solutions were allowed to add different liquid, as they do not spoil their taste and smell. Spray used topically as gels. And chewing stimulants can be applied as a normal gum.

Under the instructions you can achieve long orgasm during sex.


Before the use of any tools we should not forget about contraindications. Lubricant is prohibited in the following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of mental disorders, especially epileptic seizures;
  • convulsions of the upper and lower extremities;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • inflammation of the genital organs.

Women who are constantly on the lookout for a emotional instability, namely stress, depression, suffer from tantrums and overstimulation, also contraindicated in women lubrication.

Stimulants can not be used for girls who did not engage in sexual intercourse, because of possible complications. Often this is determined by the absence of orgasm during sex.

An overview of effective tools


On the shelves of shops and pharmacies are various forms of lubricants, therefore, not difficult to find a suitable remedy. With regard to the effectiveness and duration of pleasure, every drug has its advantages and disadvantages.

Leading place is occupied by the lubricant in the form of tablets and capsules, as their therapeutic effect lasts 5-6 hours. To find a suitable drug to help the doctor.

Interesting solution to the problem would be the use of chewing stimulants. They are able to ignite the desire for intimacy, help to relax and to enjoy sex.

To eliminate the problem of an intimate nature help many female lubricants, the main thing — to choose the right solution, taking into account personal preferences.