As excite favorite quickly on the bed, caresses that fly

Any man is always interesting to know how to bring your favorite quickly in bed. In principle, do not need to have some special skills and qualities. It will be enough to persuasive words, light touches and concerns the movements of your hands.

the excitement of the woman with the hand

What kind of petting they like women

To diversify your intimate life and get an indescribable happiness to help all the application of several methods of lask and elements of love in a mirror. There is a great diversity of techniques and resources used in foreplay and intimate amusements.

The most simple are:

  • Gentle and caring touch of the lips,
  • Cautious caresses with your hands,
  • Beautiful phrases in the ring.

As excite favorite quickly on the bed with your hands

If you know of any areas that excite and relax, and at the right time, led by he delicate and sensual movements, you can quickly make your favorite. A moment more proximity will increase only reached the effect.

Why not recommend the alcohol

Stop and think, before you decide to diversify sex with alcohol. Alcohol inhibits sent to the terminal, nervous impulses, and anyway, it does not ignite expected pleasure. Then, a romantic night is what would be more appropriate than a glass of wine and nothing more.

The kissing technique and techniques to the performance

For the girl assessed all of their effort, they should learn the tricks of sexual touch of the lips. Is typically:

  • A gentle touch to the lips to each other,
  • Roast of penetration into the cavity of the mouth partners language of the gentleman,
  • Rotation of receptions earlier – from gentle to passionate and vice-versa.

Your lady will receive a delight in bed, if you adhere to the techniques that are required.

The method Application engineering
A kiss A simple touch of the lips parts of the body can deliver ethereal bliss.

This can be a sponge and the back, neck and collarbone, cheeks and cheekbones, in the chest and in the stomach.

Do not forget to keep track of how you react to your loved one. Mark the places that lead in his excitement, to a greater extent. Touch produces such as the lips and tongue.

Words of love We love our beautiful lady? Properly, with the ears. Think of all the kind words that you are known. But this should not be a space and without speech.

Enough to make several compliments on her appearance, say the second confession of love, remember a pleasant joint moments.

It is like it and moved favorite, in fact, relax and will give beginning to your state.

Gestures and other body movements
  • All your movements should be smooth and fluid.
  • Calmly run your fingers through her back, the hair, the belly or waist.
  • Try not to make any sudden movements.
  • All their gestures must be erotic and inviting.
the excitement of the woman caresses the hand

Very much excites a woman

Interested, how to bring your favorite quickly in bed, do not forget to erogenous zones. When you do this, they are all individual.

Basic rules:

  • Some like caresses on the scalp, other – back or on the belly, and the third is the neck or chest.
  • Pay attention to the reaction. It will allow you to understand what are the most favorable places that they appear to be.
  • In moments of pleasure the girl can close her eyes, to guide the hand of the partner in a certain area or themselves spontaneously to your concern.
  • There are areas, stroking the that you may be able to reverse the result, caused by unpleasant sensations.

Often the kiss becomes the impetus, after which the time comes just as expected, the proximity of two loving people. Without it, a very persistent to make openings may be rejected. It is the romantic moment, to interrupt that does not occur no desire.

How to properly excite a woman

The principle, the most commonly used are the light touch of the lips the lips, but they are very delicate and might not give you the development course of future actions. Therefore, when the partner is already enough "has matured" there is a reason to go to a more passionate movements, assuming the penetration of the tongue in the mouth, and touch them in the sky and the interior of the cavity. But sometimes your sweetheart may withdraw from the sexual act in a similar way.

This has its reasons:

  • The negative attitude to such expressions of feelings,
  • Violation of personal hygiene,
  • The bad breath.

The women's body is organized in such a way that it can be ambiguous to answer a different twist. Still they always evaluate the partner.

And even in moments of sex, their lady you look in terms of attractiveness. If she refuses the passionate kissing, which means that you don't come it for certain indicators, it does not have the desire to continue with you the relation, and give the light to one of you children.

To this conclusion came the scientists, but feel it, literally, not worth the effort. Perhaps, the easiest problem – the girl has not developed sensitivity to this type of caress. Now, the case of small – help her achieve this.

How to excite a woman alone

For the realization of the love games you should choose a comfortable location. It better be off the bed or sofa, in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. Carefully and slowly, put the subject of your desires in bed. Its gentle action will certainly have been appreciated. Now begins to awaken the desire, observing certain rules and tips.

Arousal touches

What you need to do to deliver a favorite treat:

  • Gently tap with the fingers or the language of the skin,
  • Not modest during the realization of experiments in search of erogenous zones,
  • With boldness to perform the activities with the hands, but with care not to indulge in the sensation of pain
  • Gradually begin to love games.

As you can see, everything is very simple and accessible. Be creative, "work", the fingers or the tongue, to explore all the unexplored region of the body, stimulate the area of highest satisfaction.

Important, that their actions did not bring pain. In this case, you will have to start all over again. And there is the fact that, in the next time, the little girl with the same pleasure to offer you for the search of your beautiful body. Break came the psychological barrier will be very difficult.

Stir up the desire with the caressing movements

Completely in vain, many do not give affectionate according to the values. They can strengthen manifest indescribable the feeling and the kindle and desire.

The nerves that are present in our brain, peculiar to react to different vibrations, and the voice also. The concern of how to excite favorite quickly in bed, think of all the amazing and unusual combinations of words. With your help, you "blandientur" listen to women, warning of languor and passion.

What action to take, is not recommended:

If the girl sleeps, tired, sick, or simply not in the spirit, do not take any attempt to draw it to the the intimate. You can gently pat her lightly on the hair or on the back, but if your actions will be evaluated negatively, to continue not worth.

His wife, the heart can suggest something that is not ready for a night of love. In this case, leave it in peace. Perhaps, it passes monthly, or she has not taken a shower, so the real reason for the refusal is simply not hear.

The constant partner or the wife should not be treated as if they need to have sex the first time that the demand. Never get offended with the lack of desire of the to intimate and not blame it on anything.

Your stream of verbal, certainly, should be combined with actions and gestures. But do not hurry, take a preamble to a lot of attention. If the girl is not the desired excitation, the pleasure the act of love that will not bring neither she, nor you.

The mysterious moment she will overcome completely the opposite of the feeling:

  • The inconvenience,
  • Negative feelings
  • Sensations of pain.

About an orgasm here you can so to speak. That would be man made, to attain it, it will not work. Therefore, whatever preceded the onset of their games, be careful and patient, gradually, passing through all the preliminary stages of the sexual act. If your soft whisper in the hole and does not give the desired effect, support your ringtones, that eager, kind, and gentle. Gently, but firmly addresses with the tips of the fingers on the body, find all the secret locations, which is your favorite, and excited more and more, gradually, relaxes and becomes ready for more active movements.

If these "tricks" will be your constant companions in the process of seduction, with the time, the lady of the heart will react even in the slightest touch. Anticipating intercourse, your body will burn of desire.

How to excite the girlfriend invisible

There are certain erogenous zones, which increase the excitability.

Each knight if you struggle to understand that their actions give a woman an unforgettable pleasure. As excite favorite quickly in bed, only to follow the reaction of your touch. Try to find and select the erogenous zones, which give a special sensuality, learn step by step the body of his princess.

Hand – of his advisor in the research more excitable phases. Do not forget that in the process you have to produce a touch of lips and the cane. The movement must alternate: slow — quick, from one area to another.

Erogenous zones according to the degree of his sensual features are of three types:

  • Weak
  • Medium
  • Strong.
the excitement of the woman with the hand methods

Initially, his attention must be directed to the location of the low sensitivity to the touch, and then speeding up the pace, the lego most exciting sectors. Is your favorite going to moan with happiness.

In the following table, the most common erogenous space and their classification according to the principles of sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the female body

The area of the body Steps for the manifestation of desires
The low sensitivity
The follicle coverage Procedures:

  • Touch lightly against the scalp, pass the hands by the uncool hair, clip in her curls. You can do the massage, it stimulates blood flow, increasing arousal. But for its accomplishment, must have certain knowledge and experiences.
  • Gradually, go to the area of the neck and shoulders. In this case, wash the lever and the sponge. Easy to touch them to the body, the capture and the region of the forearm and the collarbone.

Distinct reaction to kiss the fingers of the hands. Perhaps that is why in the NINETEENTH century were not constantly kissed their ladies.

  • Necessarily, stimulate the ears and the area of the orbits.
  • In this case, it is not superfluous will be loving words.
  • Whisper to them, kiss lobe of the eye, a little nibbling of their teeth. Produces light kissing of the eyes, your lady will receive an indescribable pleasure.
The average sensitivity
Chest How to fondle the breasts of

The breast produces reactions to touch representatives of the male sex. The excitement is enhanced in the following cases:

  • When feeding baby
  • The time of ovulation
  • The first trimester of pregnancy.

Touching the areola of the nipple and breast, you can bring your favorite to orgasm. Especially, if the anxiety of it raised.

  • Putting your partner on the belly, make her ansiosoth and a gentle massage, flexing back and buttocks.
  • Place between the scapulae called "paste". It is he who must become the target of their attention. You will be able to achieve the total satisfaction and excitement your beautiful halves.
  • Correctly carried out the procedure will allow us to achieve the effect of light tickling in his belly.

One of the places fondling that should not stop a minute, are the lips.

Check with the methods and techniques in performing acupuncture. They are very simple.

  • Pull the tongue, you should just look at your tip. It is exactly the they should be easy to touch the lips partners, as it is a bit chopped.
  • Be careful your language is firm and smooth.

Sometimes, the women at the time of receiving pleasure lightly morsu his lips. This is perfectly normal and does not cause pain or discomfort.

Maps of massage and parallel fondling the breast assume that you are already sufficiently prepared for the final phase of the game of love.

Strong sensitivity
Hips with your inner side
  • To be more convenient to caress the region of the groin to the knee, you should lie down on your back.
  • Act gently, gradually, approaching more and more.

The very groin is composed of a set of nerve endings and is divided into several parts. If you propose the purpose of, how to bring your favorite quickly in bed, pay attention.

  • More sensitive in this respect, the clitoris. You can see this visual – at the time of excitation increases. Sometimes, hard to detect, but it should do it necessarily.
  • The stimulation of this space is able to provoke orgasm, do not undertake additional actions.
  • Special reaction caresses other than the area of the vagina to the anus. It is very spicy place, touch him, can only occur, if it is good your spouse.
  • The will of the intimate, will be given immediately lips. In a moment of excitement it comes the flow of blood, and they change color. Playing to this site, you give your wife a lot of positive emotions and emotions.

The main lobby pathogen, the woman has hypersensitive. What can you say about the vagina, where there are a large number of nerve endings. Therefore, this place should be the most "stroked".

Massage it until the moment of sexual intimacy, during and even after. As soon as you leave the woman to experience the fast and the desire to extend the pleasure of orgasm.

The clitoris
The space of the lower part of the vagina to the anus
The vagina