Inflammatory drops for women

Intimate relationships are of great importance for men and for women. They are important for maintaining not only physical health but also psychological.

Sometimes it happens that the physical or mental condition does not allow the woman to fully relax and be excited. This leads to insufficient secretion of vaginal lubrication, and sex does not bring the desired satisfaction partner can also attend and pain. It is for these situations created a special female agents in the droplets.

What are the excitatory drop for women

What a woman needs the drug to enhance libido? In some cases, you need to take a drop or other means?

The female body is wired differently, it differs significantly from that of men. The representative of the stronger sex to get excited enough to see a naked woman.

schedule female arousal

But the woman in front of a full initiation in the body goes through a series of processes:

  1. The process of excitation at the girl prepares the vagina for sex. To prevent pain during sex in the female genital organs, there is special lubrication. If arousal did not occur in full force – this is likely to entail soreness, and also increase the chance of infection or injury during the process of sex.
  2. With insufficient arousal can help reduce the chances of orgasm. To some extent this is regarded as abstinence, because when there is no orgasm does not occur discharge of the body and not reduced the tension that arises at the time of intercourse. While the lack of peak pleasure can cause inflammation, which can result in further gynecological diseases.
  3. The process of arousal, and then sexual relations with a man have a beneficial effect on the emotional and mental state of the girl. Women who regularly live an intimate life more balanced and calm emotionally.

The preparation for the initiation of the fairer sex can not only be used, unless there is a proper excitation, but also in some other cases. For example, if the lovers have no time for long preludes, and the desire not increase.

It is at this moment come to the aid drops that enhance the arousal of women. This drug not only helps to raise libido at the crucial moment, but also will bring variety and give a new feel to the two partners.

Such funds should be taken, if the following indicators:

  1. The low level of sexual arousal and lack of natural lubrication.
  2. Poor blood circulation in the pelvic area.
  3. If you have problems with the tone of the vagina.
  4. This symptom is frigidity, and also a persistent lack of orgasm.
  5. The lack of thrust and desire to make love.
reasons that cause decreased libido

If a woman had these symptoms, then, first of all, you should consult with your doctor. After all, you may need more in-depth intervention specialists.

Attention! Buy female pathogen at the pharmacy! Agents for women are available in the form of drops and other dosage forms!

The principle of operation drops

The action of any pathogen, including the one under consideration, based on the fact that components begin to operate, contributing to the development of women vaginal lubrication. It helps to make the sexual act mild, pleasant and painless.

Exciter for women quick action begins to show within ten minutes after ingestion.

A lady can identify the following processes that show the effect of the drug is in the active stage:

  • heart palpitation;
  • breathing becomes frequent and excited;
  • the vessels dilate, you can observe the appearance of redness;
  • swelling Breasts and labia and the clitoris.

The above manifestations are external, and they can see and recognize. But also occur and the internal processes, which are caused by the direct action of the pathogen on the female body.

As it increases sexual desire, a woman can have many orgasms and will also become more active and confident in bed.

Based on feedback from ladies who have used this tool, it can be concluded that the female pathogen drops, allows the girl to feel relaxed and willing to experiment.

As already mentioned, such a drop for girls can be bought in pharmacies. Based on the name components of the tool components, it is clear that the principle of operation of high-speed droplets may be different. The pharmacist is able to suggest what kind of pathogens are available. But a woman needs most to know what kind of aphrodisiac for her.

The action of various agents is the following:

  1. The drug can influence the blood circulation of pelvic organs. Also cause powerful blood flow to the genitals, which is manifested as a strong, overwhelming desire to make love.
  2. The tool has a positive effect on the allocation of natural lubrication in the vagina, resulting in the initiation of nipples, genitals and increases sensitivity when touched men.

Drops for excitation easy to use. They do not need to develop a special schedule for the reception. You can add them to any liquid – juice, tea, water.

Packaging with drops is usually enough for one to ten receptions. It so happens that tools from different manufacturers have the same structure – the differences are only in the package.

female arousal

You can highlight some of the most common female agents:

  1. "shpanskaya mushka". This pathogen is considered the most common among women. The main active ingredient – kandraitin (this enzyme insects). This component is quite toxic, so the dosage should be performed exactly as indicated in the instructions. "shpanskaya Mushka" it is considered very effective, since his action comes just five minutes after taking it. The cost of a single package – about three hundred rubles.
  2. "Silver Fox". It is also the causative agent of strong action. Stimulating effect after eating comes in about twenty minutes, but lasts long enough. Disposable sachet of this drug is 300 rubles.
  3. "Female Viagra". This tool is Indian. Reviews about it mostly positive. Girls who have experienced it for yourself, note that after taking felt a rush of blood to the genitals, intense vaginal. And during sex, increase pleasant feelings. Act begins at the expiration of twenty minutes after consumption. Suitable for young girls and ladies after fifty.
  4. "Horse pathogen". The main components of this drug actively affecting the Central and autonomic nervous system. Due to this, the woman quickly begins to feel arousal and attraction to the opposite sex.

Important! For each woman, the same agent may act in different ways. In one case, the effect will come quickly and the other need to wait a certain amount of time. On this basis, can be both positive and negative reviews about a facility.

Contraindications and side effects

Stimulating drops have almost the same effect, therefore, the contraindications, and side effects are almost identical.

As the funds are active in the circulation process, the woman may experience redness in the face or on other parts of the body. But this effect should not be afraid, it does not last long and is considered quite normal in the excitation of the body.

In some cases, may experience symptoms such as dizziness or headaches. Synthetic substances accelerate the number of heart beats. But such manifestations can be avoided if the causative agent to choose correctly and strictly follow the specified dosage.

If a woman doesn't want to use synthetic means to stimulate arousal, it is possible to use those which include natural ingredients. Active action comes after them later, but these agents have a natural composition.

If we consider contraindications, these include:

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Myocardial infarction or stroke.
  4. High blood pressure.
  5. Inflammation of the genital organs.

A new generation of diverse pathogens every year produced by pharmaceutical companies and finds the consumer. After all, even if the arousal in women all right, from new sexual experiences she can hardly refuse.

Women who buy these tools in specialized stores or pharmacy, I do not regret about the sensations.

And encouraged to try something new in sex with a partner, this will give a new breath to the relationship.