Grab it with the chain! 14 women told how to drive them crazy in bed

adrenalizing moments

However, all of this additional literature leaves the impression that to truly pleasure a woman can only be a) vyzubrit anatomical reference, b) the typing of bag sophisticated equipment from a sex shop and b) generally taking a more experienced friend. And is it really so dramatic, and women actually can have an orgasm only in the posture "dragon, oppugnationem pertinent parant external management mode Golutvinsky fortress", while stimulation of points G, K, U, under the condition that the function X is constantly striving to zero?... Fortunately, the practice of sex much easier theory.

1. Call her by name

"If a man during sex calls me by name and was very worried. I feel that at this point, it excites no abstract female body and I exactly what he thinks about ME that he wants ME. Any alienation and stiffness from it disappear"

What you say in bed? "So... so... well... wow!" Just a few complicating this combination of five words, there vpihnuv her name. "So... Masha... Masha... Masha... well... uh... Goldilocks!" And we hope that her name is actually Masha.

2. Play with her hair

"If my boyfriend touches my hair and kisses them, my whole body is covered in goosebumps and I just want to get him in bed"

All the woman's body densely covered with hair. No, really. Do not believe me — get some bedroom Lupu and don't forget. (The black eye will pass quickly, and knowledge gained will last a lifetime.) Each microscopic hair is a kind of antenna, which transmits excitation signals that are close to nerve endings. When you're touching only the hairs without touching the skin, so as not to "turn off" signal to a woman is excited more than the direct touch. But this is not so easy- the hairs are too short (if not removed at the root, the epilator). Fortunately, the woman on the body, there are longer antennas that can be easily ironed to sort out, avoiding direct contact with the skin. For example, on her head. Well, where else you can find.

3. Kiss her

"The main thing in sex is a kiss on the lips. This is the most intimate, the most tender, the most stimulating and best of all, what a man"

About "best I can" — here, of course, debatable. Nevertheless: women love it when you kiss them. Although they have a lot to kiss, kiss on the lips they keep one hundred percent hit the mark. Here's how the same lady describes a "competent kiss":

"It starts with a light touch of lips to lips, then his tongue begins to slide easily around the mouth, making its way to my tongue moving rhythmically but not too fast. From such overbearing and gentle kiss I immediately begins to feel dizzy!"

4. By the grace of her face

"I love when my husband moves his finger along my cheek, kisses my chin, touching my eyebrows and eyelids. I see that he admires me and I feel at this moment the most beautiful woman on the planet"

We pay attention to the female person only after visual inspection of the lower floors. At women all differently. They will never cry after a guy with a good figure, if not see with your own eyes that on his head there is a complete set of eyebrows, nose and chin, the female gender generally more appreciative than the General plan. For women face is the cornerstone, the mirror of the soul — that is why she is able to spend millions of money and hours to paint, massage, Polish and operate.

5. To the territory

"I think it is very important to the man to whom you came home, the order was everywhere. I am not suggesting that the books would stand still and dust was not is nothing. But fresh linen, order in the bathroom, clean shirt that I could throw all this would indicate his attention to me. And if he will make sure that next to the bed there was water, fruit, sweets and candles — then I will decide what is the best and most caring lover!"

And don't forget to lock Lord Marlborough in the back room. Women love dogs, but they find it difficult to experience orgasm when the bulldogs, sniffing, licking their heels.

6. Don't let her out of the hands

"I love it when during sex the man continues to caress me with his hands. Not just temere id capessit in the knee or elbow, and leads hands on my hips, stomach, back and chest. Probably, it is very difficult because not everyone does that"

Naive Lena! Of course, we do not hard — just kind of all hands do not reach. Although a grain of truth in this — while the man is distracted by affection and stimulation, it slows down the onset of my orgasm and accelerates the onset of womens.

7. Touch gently

"Many men are primarily grasping at the nipples, but only a few know how to handle them. The fact that women's nipples are very sensitive, and rough touch not only excites, but on the contrary, discomfort. I much prefer when the man caresses the area next to it than directly presses this button. If this is done delicately, gently, I'm really Horny"

We women have different understandings of the phrase "treat gently." Women's imagination paints cotton balls and feathers, we are likely to imagine nulevkoy cortices. So take advantage of a proven method — before reaching for any interesting items — lick your fingers. Moisture protects the sensitive area even from very energetic tenderness.

8. Do her a risky compliments

"I was quite shy and even embarrassed to undress, but my last boyfriend turned me into an entirely different woman. He told me I was the most beautiful, the sexiest, from my chest, he was losing his mind, and all the other women near me — a perfect nothing. I'm so used to hearing that I'm irresistible, that she believed it and did not hesitate to"

Compliments about my eyes and hair too. However, that she looks nice today, she already knows. She reported her hairdresser and one hundred and eighty comrades in the service who are at work nothing else to do, like wander from office to office and to scatter compliments. But from you and only from you, she can see that her ass is just crazy, but in bed she moves like a porn star. (If only it did not inform your best friend Dimon. With your words, of course.)

9. Move in a circle

"A good lover is different from the bad because he does everything naturally. When he caresses a woman, he invents nothing, but simply follows the way the nature has created the female body. After all, we all consist of solid circles — breast, buttocks, lips, cheeks, knees... And men hands, gently repeating these circles, awaken in a woman the voice of nature, turns it into a female animal — hot"

So move in circles. (Although it would be good to figure out what precisely a female is going to turn this Natasha — there are those who at the moment prefer to eat their mating partners.)

10. Ends on time

"I can't always achieve orgasm — and not because a man does something wrong, it's just that sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. And very well when the partner understands this and doesn't turn sex into an endless, exhausting race for the blue bird. After that, I still feel guilty for what he tried so hard, but I couldn't. Let it just warn me that he was ready to end it, and if I feel that she could still reach climax, I tell him, "just a little, honey!". And if I say: "Yes, I'm waiting for you!" — let him finish"

All the sexologists and women of the chorus assure that a woman can enjoy sex even without orgasm. You do not understand — but we take them for their word.

11. Change the script

"For me the most important thing in sex is a moment of surprise. If the entire program is known in advance, it's hard to get excited really, but if it repeats day after day... then the women begin to change their men"

Even if your girlfriend never expressed complaints about the routine in sex — it does not mean that he is quite satisfied. You don't start scandals due to the fact that you have six months for Breakfast, lunch and dinner the food "dumplings giant". However, some variety in the diet didn't scare you, wouldn't it? That's her too. And to make this "diversity" is not required to penis enlargement surgery and to lay down in bed in leather shorts and handcuffs. Is enough to only slightly modify the usual procedure. You always kiss her first on the lips, then chest, then navel, and then moved to the missionary position and ended in doggy-style? Start today with the navel and doggie-style, finish hot kissing, missionary and is generally left alone. A week of such exercises, and it is possible that one day the girl also to expand the limits of his mind and order a pizza.

12. Take off your clothes

"I love it when a man completely naked. I like the feel of body hair on his chest, his muscles, the warmth of his skin. Sex with clothes on is like eating standing: only if you are very impatient"

However, if she is at this moment dressed in pajamas or a mink coat, you don't have to undress completely.

13. Do something special

"I had a man who loved caressing hand me "there" at the same time to put in my mouth my index finger and suck it. It was perfect. More so, no one does, but sorry!"

But you can gently bite into her top, tickling her heel... it's not even about what you're doing, and that you're doing that. And the girl will think twice before breaking up with you. So, in her absence, you arranged a bachelor party with corrupt women and not hygienic animals, you can be rude to her mom, you broke her favourite Cup... but who else besides you will be so good to play it back in the "rails-rails, sleepers, sleepers"?

14. Vocatus Napoi her

"It's terrible, but when I'm drunk I like everything that makes my husband. I'm usually pretty calm. But when I drink one-two glasses of champagne, I turn into a sex bomb, and doing that the next day I am ashamed to think about it"

And not one girl there are such incidents. According to opinion polls, 80% of women recognized that alcohol increases their sensitivity and improves their ability to orgasm.