Erogenous zones of a woman that most strongly excites a woman.

For loving the whole body is the area of sexual arousal. The mere feeling of a gentle touch of the hands causing a feeling of pleasure for most women. Pleasant feeling is enhanced if caressing the most sensitive places, but weasels arms not comparable to what can be achieved mouth, tongue, lips.

erogenous zones

Conventionally, these areas are divided into weak, medium and strong. To begin caressing should be more weak zones, moving to a more powerful. Starting from the affection with a strong erogenous zones, you can lower the sensitivity of the weaker. And Vice versa – the systematic effect on any area, its sensitivity is increased and you can even develop a sensitivity not previously reacting zone.

The weak zone.

Hair. their light stroking, pulling, winding the fingers causing a slight impact. For some, the effective area of the parietal, for the other – occipital.

Ears. If the tongue touches the edge of the ear or climbs in it when the lips are pressed against your ear when the lips are playing by ear – all this causes women desire. Women easily react to the affection of the ear, are easy to excite and passionate type. By the way, wearing women's earrings – an indirect reminder of the role of the ear, especially the earlobes as erogenous zones.

Kiss-closed eyes – this kind of foreplay has almost disappeared. Vision, touch, smell – all may respond as an erogenous zone, but more often in a specific and desirable person.

There are erogenous zones the neck. one of them is the front surface, which is lowered by mysik between the Breasts. In this form usually make cutouts on dresses. Moreover, one area may be less. The other more pronounced.

Hands<. Especially the palm of a woman, the soft pads of his fingers. The backhand is, the inner side of forearm – also refers to weak areas.

The middle of the zone.

Lip and oral cavity, the more sensitive is the tongue, then the lips, the mucous surface of the mouth.There are many varieties of kisses. Men need to figure out what the wife prefers and to improve the technique of the kiss. There are kisses, which begins with a love game. Kisses that go before the fusion of bodies in a paroxysm of passion, different from the hushed kisses of passion. A thank you kiss, after which the lovers peacefully subside. From the Ancient East until we reached poetic names kisses, for example: "gentle", "chaste", "hot", "enjoy Bud", "nectar", "playful", "Royal kiss the winner," kiss "Peckyu" from the French word "pique" - obkalyvanie lips. To do this, the tip of the tongue is sharp and thin. Barely pulling out of his mouth, hold light chipping around the perimeter of the lips. "Soul kiss" or "French" - kiss on the mouth, touching the tongue to the palate, tongue, oral mucosa. But some women do not accept such grace. Perhaps unaccustomed, sometimes not satisfied with the manner of. Sometimes men say a discreet "station" kiss the wife. the reason is often lack of skills and habits. The reason may be unattractive, sickly appearance of the teeth, bad breath.

The female breast is the most obvious symbol of femininity. This is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. Itself thoracic of iron to more gentle movement. The nipple and breast nipple responsive to a soft touch, and not only when they are caressing the man, but often on their own affection.

Some girls bring themselves to orgasm caress my nipples. In nursing mothers it happens and the child is excitement, which sometimes comes to orgasm. All this is quite natural. The sensitivity of this zone changes from warmth, without passion, to the intense excitement. Nipples respond to the caresses of the fingers.

Stroking, pulling, twisting nipples. This is their erection, that is, the increase in the size and firmness that tells about the beginning of the excitation of women. The excitation is much stronger if the caress of hands, kissing the nipples of the breast. Often such caresses the woman's emotions manifest power intermittent breathing, trembling, a sense of awe in the genitals. The reaction of the breast does not depend on their size.

With a small breasted woman often react more passionately than buxom.To maintain the shape and attractiveness of the Breasts women need to choose the right bra and a regular massage.

Following excitable area – the lateral surface of the thorax, the condition. which are especially susceptible to the touch of the mouth, and the abdomen. The excitation in this case occurs directly in the genitals. Inguinal area sensitive are generally less than the breast. However, if a woman is not sensitive to caress his chest, her groin area gives different opportunities to stimulate the senses.

Back, "cat's place" - the area between the shoulder blades, the area along the spine. Buttocks, which were honoured by ancient peoples, have a great arousal in men. Italian sculptor Antonio Canova, special attention was paid to the treatment of the buttocks women. In Ancient Greece, the temple was built and dedicated to Aphrodite Kolibega.

kiss on the neck

The inside of your thighs especially responds well to affection hand and the touch of the tongue, running from the knee to the groin, which usually causes strong excitation of both partners.

Crotch – the area of the anus and to the labia minora. Sometimes, when the locations of sensitive nerve endings, is very excitable area, while the woman is difficult to achieve discharge. in this zone. The impact of the finger on the anus, combined with the other sex, or upon movement of the member into the vagina eliminates the problem of meeting such women.

The most active part in the formation of sexual arousal takes the clitoris, labia, vagina. The clitoris is a small organ acts similar to a nipple, which in repose are hidden beneath the crease of the labia at the top, in place of their connection.

When excited women the clitoris is in erection, as the penis aroused man, the head of the clitoris becomes clearly perceptible, the body of the clitoris tightens up small lips, thereby increasing the entrance to the vagina. Touch excited Clit usually gives the woman great pleasure, the most delicious, the most poignant of all sensations emanating from the erogenous zones.

Some men, however, is hampered in his presence, as touch female genitals before she is sufficiently aroused prior with a love game. Do not erect the clitoris is often not palpable and not visible, but sometimes it significantly protrudes above the vagina, and some women are not even visible during erection. But there are women. Where the clitoris is an erogenous zone or weaker than the other, others caress the clitoris causes orgasm without the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

Vagina. the lower third of it, especially the front wall, the cervix. reacts mainly on the profound impact of the penis. But this area is weaker than the region of the clitoris. Vagina, in addition, it becomes at some point a part of the birth canal, and nature has cleverly placed the most sensitive nerve endings out of it. However, in some women, the vagina may be sensitive in the absence of reaction of the clitoris or the joint with him. Enhances the sensation itself is psychological factor merge bodies in the area of the genitals, connecting with a loved one, awareness of the uniqueness of the role.