How quickly excited the woman folk remedies

To prepare female stimulant at home is not so difficult, the main thing to choose an effective prescription.

How quickly excited the woman folk remedies


In ancient times, in the recipe for sexual stimulation of women was part of a special insect called a fly shpanskoi. For the manufacture of the composition of the collected adult individuals from the beginning of may. This used light green bugs with glitter and black stripes on the back. They are dried and made alcohol tincture. In 1 liter of alcohol were added 20 g of crushed raw materials. The resulting composition is insisted for 3 months in a dark place.

Because this insect has poisonous properties and doctors advised to take remedy 5-6 drops, adding an alcoholic beverage. Prescribed doses of this recipe do not harm the health of women.

Thanks to the application of this composition could stimulate the synthesis of hormones and the production of grease. In addition, it improves blood flow to the genitals.

To do this part by yourself, you need to collect insects in a certain period – may or early June. It was at this time they multiply and develop. It is important not to confuse shpanskuyu fly with other insects. In the middle zone it has a Golden sheen on the back, and in the South has a reddish hue. In any case, the insects have a pearl tint. The individuals reach a length of more than 2 cm

Reviews demonstrate that another effective recipe for women is part of this composition ingredients:

  • a quarter of a small spoon of hot pepper;
  • half a small spoon mustard;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 small spoon of lemon juice;
  • 1 big spoon of tomato.

To make the useful composition, all the ingredients you need to whip with a blender. The resulting mixture, add a glass of dry wine and heat over medium heat until the first bubbles. After that, the composition is ready for use. Reviews indicate that it is best to drink 30 minutes before anticipated sex.

Natural pathogens

To increase the content of sex hormones in women, it is recommended to use exotic dishes. So, in special cases, you can afford the testicles of a lamb. It is recommended to fry in butter with onions.

Another excellent stimulant are nuts. Many women testify to the mixture of sesame, peanuts, almonds, walnuts. This recipe also includes honey. If you make and apply the composition daily, tangible results will be able to in a week. It is recommended to take a tablespoon three times a day.


A great aphrodisiac that has an excellent impact on sexual activity, are foods such as parsley, dill, cilantro. Also useful to use celery and dill. To make an effective composition, it is recommended to chop the greens and add a little olive oil. This structure is much better absorbed.

Reviews show that to obtain the desired effect, it is sufficient to consume 20 g of product three times a day. To recommended 2 weeks.

The perfect remedy will be a couple of glasses of champagne combined with the appetizer, made with oysters and lemon juice. The reviews confirm that it is good to use olive oil in combination with the artichokes.

You can also use effective composition in the form of erotic dessert. For its production need to take 8-10 yolks of quail eggs and whisk with honey. Then add fresh raspberries or jam made from these berries.

Meanwhile, soak in cold water a big spoon of gelatin. After the swelling part you need to put on a small fire and wait for complete dissolution. It is important that the gelatin does not boil. Then the composition should be cooled and add to a protein blend. To serve the dish chilled.

To prepare female stimulant simply. To achieve the desired effect, it is sufficient to include in the diet of certain foods or make use of an effective recipe. In any case, it is very important to observe the principle of regularity – only in this case will be able to obtain stable results.

How to help the woman quickly excited: folk remedies

Taking pleasure in sexual intercourse depend on the mutual desires of men and women. If any one of them or both feel mental or physical fatigue, experience daily stress at home and at work, it is very difficult to tune in to the wave of love and pleasure. In such cases, the invaluable help provide pathogens that contribute to increased libido and enhance vitality.

Drugs that increase libido. use not only men and beautiful ladies. Women actively use them in combat frigidity, and also with the aim of realizing sexual potential and overcome shyness in bed. Women, even those who have never felt an orgasm begin to feel taking sexual agents.

Causes of declining libido in women


Lack of sexual desire is not so rare problem among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. On the libido of ladies may be influenced by a number of factors, however, often the problem arises against the background of a particular psychological state:

  • Teenage fears;
  • boring and monotonous sexual relationship;
  • relationship problems with a partner.

Aphrodisiacs have the following effect on the female body:

  • Improve moisture of the vagina, which greatly facilitates the penetration of the penis.
  • Quick stimulating effect: overwhelming sexual desire and libido occurs after a few minutes.
  • A significant increase in the sensitivity of the skin.
  • Strengthening the orgasm is longer and more vivid.

The first signs of sexual arousal in women can be noticed after a few minutes after the use of aphrodisiacs. The lady becomes more sexual and uninhibited, her breath quickens and harden nipples.

Using aphrodisiacs for those who love each other partners are able to diversify the sexual life, returning to it the occasion and former passions.

Therefore, stimulating drug used in ancient times and DOS not yet lost its popularity. In the middle ages tools that increase libido in women can be found only in traditional healers, who for many centuries have studied the mechanism of action of certain substances on humans.

"Aphrodisiac" plants to excite women


Jasmine. Collected flowers to dry, grind and fill the thermos. Raw materials pour boiling water (0.5 l) and insist in a warm place for one hour, drain. Apply 1 time/day 100 ml instead of tea.

Arnica. You need to take the dried flowers of the plant (15 g.), grind and brew boiling water (400 ml). Take a few hours before sexual intercourse in 50 ml.

Pink Radiola. Rhizome plants chop and pour boiling water (300 ml), to insist 2 hours in a warm place. Apply one hour before sexual intercourse for 2 tsp.

Raspberry. Is quite effective the female agent. For the preparation of the mixture, whisk (preferably with a mixer) a few quail eggs and add to them the chopped raspberries (100 g.), this also put a bit of honey. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and store in a cool place (the fridge). The resulting tool used daily by 10 grams 2 times/day, afternoon and before bedtime.

Plantain and nettle. The mixture of these plants is an effective aphrodisiac for women. For its preparation must take the seeds of plantain and nettle in the ratio of 1:1, grind to a powder, add raw materials into a glass container and add a little honey. Composition stir thoroughly and place the container on a windowsill, let it brew during the week. Apply daily for 10 gr. before dinner.

Ginseng. Is the most popular natural agent for women. Under its influence in the human body there are certain biological processes that affect the increase of libido.

The fenugreek. The use of this plant as the pathogen is another delicious way to solve the problem of low libido. Properties of fenugreek seeds were known to the ancient peoples of Greece, Egypt and Rome. The taste of the plant is a bit like toffee or maple syrup, used to flavor dishes and in spice mixes. In India fenugreek leaves are eaten as vegetables. Tools made with fenugreek, for centuries, used to increase libido in men and women, in addition, these herbs help to improve the condition of breast tissue and to increase lactation in lactating women. Some even argue that this aphrodisiac helps to increase breast size.

Aloe. You need to take a few leaves of the plant, wash thoroughly and chop. The resulting slurry combine with honey in a 1:1 ratio, mix well. Take daily one spoon.

In most cases, reduced libido is not a serious problem and means for its solution, as a rule, are on hand almost every woman. Sometimes ladies for some reason can't make the tool yourself (basic laziness, lack of time, etc.).

However, to improve libido it is not necessary to strain yourself by preparing different mixtures and infusions, simply include in your diet certain foods.

Thanks to the natural aphrodisiac you can:

  • create a romantic mood;
  • to fully relax, to enjoy;
  • to intensify sexual desire;
  • fast, powerful and prolonged orgasm;
  • to liberate even the most jammed and stesnitelnuyu girl;
  • to prevent painful menstruation, pathological processes in the mammary glands, genital venous congestion, frigidity way to reach an orgasm.

Depending on perception, natural aphrodisiacs for women can be like taste (ingested in food) or obonyatelnimi (odors).

The best erotic scents for her will be the following aromatic oils:

  • Rose oil ignites in a woman passion, rejuvenates the skin and prevents its aging. Just add a few drops of rose oil in the bath, soak in it for 10 minutes, enjoy the floral aroma.
  • Ylang-ylang is the most popular tool that is used in expensive perfumes and cosmetics. It quickly evokes sensuality, attraction due to its sharp and warm aroma. Oil can be added to a diffuser or take him to the bathroom.
  • Bergamot oil – improves mood, eliminates anxiety, depression, helps a woman easily and quickly liberated in the bed, relieves stress and fatigue. This oil can be used for erotic massage, and add it in the aroma lamp, aromakulon.
  • Jasmine oil – helps to relax, calms, enhances, eliminates coldness, disharmony, gives confidence. This oil can be added to cosmetic products: body gel, cream, tonic, shampoo, or to use for massage, to drip a few drops in the bath, aroma lamp.
  • Oil of ginger. Many believe that ginger is a men's fragrance, but it likewise acts on the women. He saves from infertility, relieves sexual impotence, makes a woman desirable, attractive, liberated. Thanks imbirnomu oil girls easier and easier to respond to the imagination of men.

Buying essential oils to enhance intimate mood in women, it is necessary to take into account that only natural oils have a strong stimulating effect. Synthetic analogues of oils to increase libido are not suitable.