Pain during and after the excitation: the main causes

Because ladies, typically, skip forward, let us first consider the characteristics of pain in women during arousal. Immediately need to mention that this refers not only arousal during intercourse pain can also occur during Masturbation, and just when sexual excitation. So, a few diseases in which the woman suffers from pain as soon as excited.

Ovarian cyst

Cysts on ovaries are growths that occur in the form of bags filled with fluid and can burst. It belongs to the tumors. Ovarian cyst may disappear by itself in 2-3 months and may require operative or medical intervention.

The nature of the pain

When is sexual intercourse a woman may feel sharp pain in the pelvis left or right. The same pain a woman may feel during your period, which is known to give women increased excitability.

What to do?

Be sure to get an ultrasound of the genital organs, paying particular attention to the ovaries. To make sure is whether you have an ovarian cyst, you need to consult a gynecologist and get treatment.

A yeast infection, aka candidiasis

This disease at least once, but suffered almost every other woman. This means all women at least once had those flour: pain in vagina, white rash on the walls, and even exasperated, itching, and even cry. This is a fungal disease that is not necessarily sexually transmitted – its causes may be different. While thrush in the vagina and on its walls grow a nasty fungus Candida, so called disease candidiasis.

Candidiasis pain during intercourse is getting stronger in every fourth women.

The nature of the pain

When excited during sex pain in the vagina may increase, and itching, too. Every touch to the walls of the vagina causing severe pain, discomfort, irritability. If the woman still endures sexual intercourse, her vagina gets inflamed even more pain in the vagina can become simply intolerable, and to give to the area of the ovaries – then pain in lower abdomen. As a rule, pains are of burning character.

What to do?

To visit a gynecologist and undergo a treatment against thrush. Must abandon the strips with strong odors (scented), tight clothes, synthetic panties, uncontrolled drugs – all of these products can cause thrush in addition to the infection during sex. Before or after sex, you can use the ointment hormone cortisol in the composition – this will reduce the inflammation of the vaginal walls and make the pain easy.

Myoma or fibromyoma of the uterus

This formation in the uterus in the form of a tumor that doctors believe is benign. This involved the formation of uterine fibroids and fibroids – that is, muscle and connective tissue. This disease takes your paws more than a third of women after 35 years. Fibroids can be the size of peas (small) to fruit like orange.

The nature of the pain

When the myoma or fibroid uterus vagina hurt from the entrance as soon as he touches him. There may be felt fairly dense areas in the form of humps under the skin. Pain can occur in the vagina, the genitals. During sex the pain can get pretty strong character.

They pulsating, long-lasting, may not be after sex for several hours. The woman cares so much about these pains, especially if the cause is not clear! She can even fall into depression, if not in time to see a doctor for diagnosis.


What to do?

Contact your gynecologist for further diagnosis and treatment. For a more accurate picture of the disease will need an ultrasound. Usually, diagnosis of this disease reveals deviations from. As treatment used combined therapy, possible surgery.


It is an inflammation of the nerves, their roots, which are in the region of the vulva. Causes infection affecting the mucous membranes of the vagina, as well as frequent diseases of the female genital organs. In particular, fungal, e.g. candidiasis.

The nature of the pain

In vulvodynia, the woman may experience lower abdominal pain during sex or arousal. The pain intensifies, even if the woman just is a long time in one position or sitting on a hard surface. Pain also intensified during the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

These symptoms may also be accompanied by frequent urination, pain can radiate to the lower back, as during menstruation, women may be more generous allocation than before.

What to do?

To visit a gynecologist and undergo a thorough diagnosis. Feature of vulvodynia is that it is very difficult to distinguish from other similar diseases. For example, fungal, or sexually transmitted. And therefore to treat vulvodinamiyu much more complicated than the other diseases of female genital organs, which are easily diagnosed.


Bartholinitis – inflammation of Bartholin's glands – organs that resemble a pea in size and form. They are on the lips of the vagina – one pea for each sex sponge. The cause of the disease except inflammation of the glands and their blockage as the result of glut of toxins and poor blood flow. This is the reason, because the true causes of bartholinitis while medical scientists have not figured out. It may be, their assumptions, pathogenic infections such Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and other nasty germs.

The nature of the pain

When bartholinitis labia women increase, swell, become inflamed, and of course, the woman feels pain during intercourse and up to 5-6 hours after it. It is difficult to withstand, so women use painkillers or call an ambulance. This pain of a pulsating character. In addition, when the vault of the vagina to touch the partner or the woman herself, they can feel under your fingers the tight areas of the body.

What to do?

Contact your gynecologist for examination and treatment. If the disease is already running, most likely, the patient will be offered surgery, have to remove one of the glands is the culprit of the pain. Or both.


This germination tissue lining of the uterus (endometrium) in those areas of the body where it should not be. From overgrowth of the endometrium may be affected, the bladder, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, rectum. But you never know in which organs can grow endometrium!

The result is the same – pain in arousal, poor sexual life of a woman. Her menses may come and go, when they want, with whatever frequency. That is, this disease can worsen bleeding from the uterus. To think that endometriosis is diagnosed in more than a third of women worldwide! This disease is one of the major causes of infertility.

The nature of the pain

Pain when excited can bother any woman if she has endometriosis. Pains are sharp, cutting, sharp, such, that it is time to call an ambulance. Of course, it does not allow a woman to full orgasm, she suffers from the inability to enjoy sex.

What to do?

Contact your gynecologist for examination and, if necessary, if a conventional integrated therapy helps, to get ready for surgery.

Infection of the urinary organs


Urinary and genital tract infections frequently affect women because the urethra and vagina they are anatomically located very close to each other, so the infection very quickly move from the vagina to the urethra and in the bladder. From this woman's genitals can become inflamed and as a result – pain in arousal or intercourse.

The nature of the pain

Woman feels pain in the abdomen, but just can't identify. Where. The pain in the infections can be a wandering, vague, uncertain character. During sex the pain will increase and become stretchy, stupid. In this case the woman may constantly be tempted to visit the toilet.

What to do?

Not to be confused with a urinary tract infection from colds and inflammations and not to self-medicate. If you experience pain in the lower abdomen during sex have to visit a doctor and get a thorough diagnosis. Especially revealing are analyses of urine, it is easy to calculate that the woman called for pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

She needs to be treated not alone. In this type of the disease must undergo treatment and sexual partner, her husband.

Vaginal dryness

This is a disease in which the blood is too little lubrication. It remains dry, therefore, during intercourse, the male organ annoying it. Have pain during sex.

From vaginal dryness at any period of life can suffer every woman. This symptom has touched more than a quarter of women worldwide. The reason may be excessive hormonal drugs, including oral contraceptives. Among the causes of vaginal dryness and pain when excited can be pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause.

The nature of the pain

An unpleasant, pungent, irritating. If during sexual intercourse the member partner or his fingers penetrate into the vagina, it can react a sharp pain. After the sexual act took place, the pain can not leave a woman for another 2-3 hours. Of course, vaginal dryness makes intercourse painful, so patiently and silently endure this problem.

What to do?

Contact your gynecologist to prescribe the optimal treatment. If vaginal dryness is caused by hormonal abnormalities, you will need first of all to establish hormonal balance. If the fault of oral contraceptives, need to rethink their dosage and purpose. If a woman is not in itself quickly becomes excited during sex, you need to use a lubricant – a special lubricant for sexual intercourse.

Pain in arousal in men

In men, the features of pain in sexual arousal. And they are dictated by the peculiarities of the male anatomy. When a man is excited, after 20-40 seconds, the active blood arrives to the organs of the pelvis, the veins are narrowing and reverse blood flow occurs. From this the penis begins to grow, to strengthen, to increase in length and width.

Features erection men that phallus they have increased three times. He also becomes longer by 8 cm than in quiescent state. In Latin "erection" means "to raise". In this state fascinum need to vent for a long time in this position, he could not stay. When the phallus rubs against the walls of the vagina, the excitement is rising, all the organs are revitalized. If during sexual arousal in men is something not in order with the sexual organs, he may feel severe pain from overexertion.

What diseases can cause pain in men during arousal?

Primarily a disease of viral nature. Viruses and bacteria can cause inflammation of the genital organs, it makes them weaker, vulnerable, tissue get overworked and hurt.


Is an inflammatory process in the testes of men. It can occur after the man had mumps, the common people – the mumps. The most typical symptoms of this disease are high body temperature, the egg becomes swollen, painful.

The nature of the pain

Pain in the testicle can be strong and short, or pulling stupid that lasts for hours or even days – pain may last up to weeks. During intercourse, the pain may not let him be as the pain can become unbearable.

After a week of suffering the pain may recede, but then to return again. The eggs at this time is significantly reduced in size, in this condition it remains, perhaps even to atrophy. Two months after the disease subsides, the pain can still go back and give the man to live normal sexual life. The sperm is greatly reduced in numbers – one that produces sick testicle.

What to do?

First of all, to be examined by a doctor-urologist. He will prescribe a course of treatment and men need to stay under medical supervision for at least two months after the pain during arousal and sexual intercourse will cease to bother him.


It is a painful disease in which inflamed appendages of the male testicles. The scrotum increases in size, the man had fever up to 38 degrees, as well as frequent urination Cause pathology, usually a viral infection or a fungal disease. The cause of this condition can be a fungal disease or the common cold viral nature.

The nature of the pain

When excited, pain in the testicles and the scrotum are particularly strong. The scrotum becomes a lot more, the testicles also increase, and the blood that flows in excess into the penis during arousal, making sexual intercourse unbearable. The nature of the pain sharp and acute.

What to do?

You should immediately consult a doctor-urologist and is undergoing treatment antifungal, antiviral drugs. The combination therapy can include an anti-inflammatory agent. If you don't think suddenly not treat the disease in its initial stage, it can lead to infertility and lack of sexual life in General.