Sexual arousal

Kisses, hugs, affection - all these are integral part of foreplay, which leads to increased production of sex hormones, and this ultimately provokes some changes in the body. Women's and men's arousal is manifested in different ways.

Signs of sexual arousal in women

sexual arousal

The first stages of arousal increase the flow of blood to the head, which in turn provokes the appearance of redness. There are changes in breathing, the woman begins to inhale and exhale as if not enough air. The fair sex almost immediately changes occur in the vagina, necessary for comfortable penetration directly through sexual contact. Sexual arousal results in a significant increase of the clitoris, because it receives more blood. When the heat intensifies, the woman may increase and become more elastic Breasts and nipples take erectum condition. It should be noted that when sexually stimulated, the area around the nipple becomes darker. Many of the ladies there is a shiver in the body and sweat. Often, a woman with a strong excitation of the stomach bulges forward, but the hips, on the contrary, compresses that leads to irritation of the clitoris and of the labia majora.

Signs of sexual arousal in men

Of course, the most important signal of willingness "male" to proceed to the intimacy – erection, which occurs due to the fact that the head of your cock gushing blood, and he becomes hard and increases in size.

Gestures of men with sexual arousal:

  1. Demonstration of the perineum and masculinity of the figure. If you have any interest in the opposite sex, the "male" will be widely spread her legs. A man can reflexively suck in her stomach, muscles and appearance will look more manly.
  2. The excitation is a certain stress to the body, which leads to an increase of pressure. Because of this, man can "choke" the tie or collar of coats and it will try to stretch existing chain. In a state of excitement he can often smoke.
  3. A notable gesture that indicates a readiness for more close contact – the desire to absolve themselves, for example, a man may remove his glasses, unbuttoning watches, buttons, etc.

Interestingly, signs of sexual arousal in men appear much faster than women. A similar condition can take place in both partners, so it is important not to prolong the foreplay and go to the main event.