Selection in the form of mucus upon arousal in women

The formation of the secretions upon excitation in women is due to the fact that during sexual intercourse increases the amount of lubricant. This occurs because natural ducatus, employee protection sexual organs from mechanical damage produced by a much larger amount of mucus.

mucus in the arousal of women

The discharge contains numerous substances which protect the reproductive system from infection. But, there are cases when the discharge during intimacy too abundant, or Vice versa — it's not enough that can be an inconvenience.

Important! In healthy women the vaginal lubricant of medium thickness, transparent consistency and has a characteristic odor and color. If there is any change in color or viscosity, you need to contact the doctor to quickly determine the pathology.

It is important to clarify the nature of vaginal secretions. How abundant the formation of the secretions, and their absence can be a worrisome sign. Influence on the color change and viscosity of mucus, may have the use of medications, age factor, hormonal changes.

Influence of sexual intercourse on the formation of mucus

On average the walls of the vagina, the moisture formed in 12-16 seconds after coming active stimulation in the erogenous zone. It also occurs when a woman has a strong selection to occur when arousal on the psychological level. After the sexual organ is introduced a natural lubricant, mucus continues to be produced, and even increases in volume.

During arousal secretes mucus is normal, and more than the maximum emission occurs at orgasm. If you decline the initiation of the mucus is normalized.

Natural praeunctus is a sure sign of what happened to female arousal, which is impossible to stimulate or faked. When the penetration of sperm into the female sexual organ may change the consistency of the lubricant discharge from the vagina go into a new form with a mixture of white color.

A change in drainage during intimacy

Allocation in women manifest in the form of a watery liquid substance which acts as a lubricant. The higher the volume of lubricant generally occurs if a woman is excited. Often, some of the girls after intimacy there is a formation of specific vaginal discharge. If intercourse occurs without a condom, then after the act may occur in women the formation of thick and transparent secretory compartments of mucus.

Such formation of the vagina, after a short period of time move to another form, and discharge is formed a white liquid consistency. During protected intercourse, or when its sudden cessation at discharge noted a poor, white, creamy structure. Change of offices from the vagina sometimes occurs because of the actions of a hormonal drug.

When applying medication hormonal actions (Zn contraceptive or other means) may be formed of an allergic reaction, which is characterized by the inhibition of the ovulatory process. In this case, lubrication is much reduced at its normal volume. Very rarely observed in the employment of contraceptives the presence of the richer branches of the mucus. As soon as hormonal drug stop taking, the measure is normalized.

mucus upon arousal in women normally

The negative impact due to the change of the sexual partner

If girls frequently change sexual partners, it can also cause a change in vaginal lubrication. Offices with the penis can become more dense and abundant. This is due to the fact that when sexual relations with a new partner changes the state of the microflora in the genital organs.

Because of the actions of the new conditionally pathogenic flora, infiltrator in the system of the organism in the vagina is produced by adaptation to unfamiliar bacteria and microorganism, and in some cases complete rejection. Often, this manifests itself in the form of increasing the amount of separation of mucus, and change the color and texture of the grease. Usually, the rate is gradually returning to normal. However, frequent change of partners can form a serious illness and infertility.

The absence of secretions

There are cases when during intercourse office mucus is not allocated in the right quantity. Such a display also in medical practice consider a deviation from the norm. Usually this happens on the background that do not produce the necessary volume of lubricant. The absence of a discharge is very dangerous, as it can be converted to serious complications.

Against this background, often formed by the joining of pathogenic microorganisms due to the fact that the sexual system becomes vulnerable. During intercourse, a woman concerned about severe discomfort. Can also occur women disease. If the woman is no secretion, it adversely affects her partner. If the girl excessive dryness in the vagina, this can lead to the fact that the partner will break or damage the frenulum on the penis.

The reasons for the lack of secretions

As a rule, any deviation from the norm in the body there is a certain reason that happened disorder. With abundant lubrication and in the absence of the branches of the mucus there is a factor that affects this formation. A sharp decline in vaginal discharge occurs when:

  • frequent stressful situations;
  • sexually transmitted diseases, and the presence of infectious process in the genital organs;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • diseases of the reproductive system;
  • insufficient arousal before intercourse;
  • impaired blood flow;
  • a pathological state in the nervous system.
Important! When secreted lubrication in women during sexual foreplay, it means to initiate. This is due to a physiological reaction in the body and is a normal measure. In connection with the individual characteristics of the organism, the lubricant stands out someone more and someone less extent.

You should know that both poor and rich selection from the woman with the presence of odor and discomfort require supervision. At the first sign you need to seek professional help to avoid unpleasant consequences. In any case, once the examination does not hurt to make sure that standing of the body is all right and in a timely manner to eliminate unpleasant disorder.