Syndrome Permanent Sexual Arousal is a tragedy

In 2001, for the first time in medicine have been described cases are constantly occurring of sexual arousal in women uncontrolled and are not related to the presence of sexual stimulation and orgasms. These women with great frequency, there are attacks unwanted orgasm the muscles of the pelvis are reduced, increased perspiration, heart rate, expands blood vessels in in breathing. The woman's body thus preparing to orgasm, and he comes, but in a completely inappropriate moment and not in inadequate situation.
constant arousal in women

The world knows only a few dozen cases of this disease, but experts in sexology rightly believe that in fact they are much more: the majority of patients just do not talk about their problems. These women live constantly aroused without any sexual stimulation and sexual desire, and their life becomes a tragedy. Orgasm can happen during shopping, in the workplace, during a meeting over a Cup of coffee with friends.

Syndrome Permanent Sexual Arousal (PGAD - eng.), or as it is called - a Syndrome Permanent Sexual Arousal (PSA - English). turns natural pleasure in serious condition and gives patients a sense of guilt and hopelessness.

This disorder is characterized by tension in the genital area and constant sexual arousal without any actual sexual stimulation and sexual desire. This situation does not always end with an orgasm, and even if this happens, ease the patient does not occur. Described in medicine recently, this syndrome is included in the list of sexual dysfunctions, but it is expected his imminent inclusion in the classification of mental disorders.

As gynecologists, and specialists in sexology Embassy Medicine are convinced that this syndrome has nothing to do with nymphomania - phrasi to sex, which is characterized by the constant need to deal with them, nor with anorgasmia, or the inability to experience orgasm, nor with multiplex sunt orgasms, or multiple orgasms - a phenomenon that is not pathological.


The main symptom of this disorder is that women are in a state of preorgasm, in arousal, while not having the slightest desire sexual relations. This condition does not bring them pleasure, more like pain in the genitals, causing unpleasant experiences.

Specialists in medicine and sexology know about this syndrome a little bit. The age of patients, usually from 30 to 45 years.As possible causes of its development are considered the presence of anatomical abnormalities or tumors of the reproductive organs, the possible imbalance between stimulating and blocking neurotransmitters in the brain, neurological diseases (epilepsy), disorders of the arteries and veins of the circulatory network of the genitalia and the most amazing reception popular and widely used antidepressants of the latest generation from the group of inhibitors of reverse capture of serotonin.

Arousal usually occurs in a situation when the patient feels drowsiness or fatigue, which seems strange, as usually similar condition reduce sexual desire. Unwanted orgasm can be triggered by just a small movement of the legs. Some light on the nature of the disorder casts the study of Italian scientists from the University of Bologna (Battaglia, Venturoli), who discovered in one of the patients with this syndrome, which arose on the background of treatment with antidepressants (trazodone) the permanent erection of the clitoris, similar to the one experienced by men with priapism (chronic erection inadequate).

the syndrome of constant arousal in women

the nature of the syndrome

The lack of understanding of the nature and causes of the Syndrome Permanent Sexual Arousal makes it impossible to provide there patients effective help. If this disorder occurs on the background of neurological or mental illness, therapeutic tactics aimed at their treatment.

In other cases, symptomatic treatment:some people benefit creams with anesthetics or local application of ice. For some women effective antidepressants or drugs that block dopamine receptors or hormonal antiandrogenic drugs.

Specialists in sexology and gynecology does not remain anything else how to act in the choice of therapy for these patients by trial and error.

Such patients need professional psychological or psychotherapeutic help. Many patients with this syndrome have severe depression and suicide attempts.

Syndrome Permanent Sexual Arousal disrupts their normal life, their relationship with the husband or a sentimental partner, and is accompanied by the development of feelings of guilt, self-pity, loss of self-esteem, reduced mood.