11 of the most erogenous zones of a woman - All sex and relationship

Many girls don't know what they have erogenous zones and what pleasures their bodies are capable of. The purpose of men: through touching, kissing and fondling to find points of female arousal, bringing her unforgettable pleasure.

Mysteries of the female body

arousal women

"The female body is a mysterious dark continent," wrote Sigmund Freud. The body of each girl is as unique as a snowflake pattern.

Any person needs an individual approach, because every ladies has its own secret thrills.

If you ever wondered about how to deliver your favorite maximum fun, let's look at the scheme of actions with the female body.

To learn women's erogenous zones is possible, however, without practices to understand their device is impossible:

Every girl has its own map of the body, and grace for every need sensitive places are also different.

To get success in love affection with girls to know better before having sex, like partner. And during sex, watch her reaction, because erogenous places every girl is unique. And you'll soon see why.

Natural factors

To say exactly where the erogenous zones in women, you can, but with an error. Just depending on the situation and external environment the girl can one erogenous zone to be active and the other not. These are the factors that affect it:


In what situation are girls that emotions take in a given time depends on where their erogenous zones are most active. In an intimate setting it excite some affection in a public place she feels otherwise, and can be excited from everything.

That is why most women prefer sex in the comfort. Their weak areas on the body depending on situation, change their sensitivity.

Where does not work one point works the other, and the desire to experience new sensations causes women to fantasize about sex.

For example, many girls are able to experience orgasm on Bicycle seat.


Pleasant aromas influence the comfort on a date. Pleasant aroma relaxes girls. Recommend for bedroom to buy chocolate candle or Indian sticks.

Some of it allows you to relax. But women are different and not everyone likes the smell. What works well with one, another can cause a feeling of rejection. The girl may not tell you about it, but will understand behavior.

For example, girls love men's perfume, but the artificial odours at home enjoy.


Many girls like to have sex with the music. It excites them. But too loud noise causes loss of sensitivity, while the gentle whispering in your ear can make her wet. Talk to her in foreplay, talk to me.


Appearance — not the main thing in a man. But ladies do not like untidy, messy boys. You need to respect yourself and take care of yourself. How will love you if you don't love yourself?

If we consider clothes on the female body, touching the particular points through the thin fabric able to create an erotic effect. For example, if you touch her nipples or between her legs, not penetrating inside.


Touching through the fabric needs to be stronger so she could feel them.

Where are the most erogenous places the girls

We come to the moment when it is necessary to say about the location of the main erogenous zones. They have all girls, but they each have their own. To each point requires a certain knowledge and approach. The first and most obvious area that erogenous, it's...


This is one of the most affordable women's erogenous zones. Women are incredibly sensitive to caresses. Unlike men, the girl might bring to orgasm just with one kiss.

Every girl has a list of the best lovers and kissing is very important. If you give magical kisses, they remember you forever.

It depends on whether it will agree to further intimacy.

To kiss a girl should be as follows:

Completely relax your lips. Let them hang. Kiss very slowly and long. 5 times longer and gentler than you're capable of. Focus on the lip, don't get tongue in your mouth.

When you have sex, can a girl shove a finger in her mouth. Sucking reflex is familiar from childhood, and most girls he brings excitement during sexual intercourse.

Neck and nape

erogenous zone is the neck

These areas are very erogenous. Most men do not know what the back of women's neck – the strongest excitatory region.

If a man carefully and gently hugs her back side of neck (bottom of head), she feels that it dominates.

Kisses in the neck have to learn to do. Thin sensitive skin. Girls hate 4 things:

  1. A Hickey
  2. Bruises
  3. Painful bites
  4. Drool

So be gentle. Some like side, someone in the back, others in front. Kiss her slowly, until you find it. Some girls are able to orgasm from it.

So don't be afraid to look up, because if you find, a pleasant surprise awaits.

To bite and to suck it gently and delicately to the skin was not painful: weak bite teeth barrels of her neck after kissing.

Don't do it dramatically. If it tickles, take a break. You can also work on the tongue and lightly lick his neck. Some girls might like a harmless activity, but each of your feelings. Most importantly – don't give me worms.


Women love with their ears. Men know a woman can whisper cute things, but not all. Female erogenous zones, the ears are out of sight.

  • The area behind the ears

It can slowly run your fingers from top to bottom, but she can be tickled, because it is a sensitive spot.

  • Earlobes

They can gently suck it (without saliva) and very gently nibble. Girls gentle creatures. If you do not calculate the force, there can be unpleasant consequences. Don't be afraid to suck the lobe of the female partner. This can lead her into raptures.

  • Auricle

5% of all women can have an orgasm just by listening to the whispers of the partner. We know that women love with ears, so don't be silent during sex. Ears are erogenous places women who are able to bring her to orgasm.


Erogenous zones of girls have on hands:

  • The inner side of the elbow is a special place to women.

They should gently and slowly stroking. This can be done in public places.

  • The inner side of the palm

I remember one girl massaged my hand that I freaked out. She was doing massage, taking my hand with his left hand and doing massage in a circular motion with the thumb of the right hand.

Slowly and strongly in a circular motion (palms thick skin). Watch for her reaction. The area between the phalanges also can bring pleasure.

  • Wrist

Open wrists — signal that a woman like you.

Again, as slowly as possible, but make no effort. There are a lot of veins and very thin skin. Do it outside of the fingers, moving to her body.


Men love to squeeze Boobs and don't understand how to handle it. But Breasts are an important erogenous zone of the female body. Someone- most sensitive.

Just want to say rule # 1:

Breast not much to squeeze, knead, slap and beat. They are very sensitive and the girls hurt.

Breasts kissing and lightly sucking, to trace the circular movements of the tongue and touch fingers.

You need to understand what gets more pleasure your partner. Some girls feel more pleasure in the upper part of the chest, and the other at the bottom.


One of the two breast more sensitive

From caresses the most sensitive, it is able to finish. Tease her, kissing her breast without touching the nipple. The game turns her on.

The nipple is the following important special place. Here gentle biting, sucking, circular movements of the tongue. The that like your lady more.

Sometimes even the chest is small in size, may be much more sensitive to oral sex than a size four.

If it tickles, ask where and how we should do better to give her pleasure.

The clitoris

This erogenous region has the largest number of nerve endings. It can work wonders, pleasing favorite, but that 95% of men do not know how!

I'll tell you how to avoid mistakes.

Be sure to ask how to make the girl better. She feels that she loves. Most likely, she no even orgasm is not delivered, not to mention the vaginal or g-spot.

Clit and you can masturbate and satisfy orally. Every woman has his own threshold of sensitivity.

If girl wants cunnilingus, there are 3 reasons:

  1. It hurt a guy / another injury
  2. Monthly
  3. Not showered

1 case is a long conversation that definitely need to spend to learn what it is and to help deal with the problem.

2 — do not push and accept that she doesn't want to do it like this.

3 — to hint at the shower.

Orgasm from Cooney is able to deliver a lot of fun. It is the Supreme art of oral sex, so the technique should be addressed in more detail.

So how to do cunnilingus:

There is a huge number of techniques. Do not just go for the Clit. Be tolerant:

Gentle kisses, starting from the navel, very slowly come down. Do not pass by other areas of the genitals. Kiss the tummy, inner thighs, unable to bite them, it's nice.

Cunnilingus is an art that requires practice. It is the subject of a separate article.

In short, start with kisses vaginal lips. Don't forget to touch your partner while Cooney is not only the language, but also hands over the body. You can touch her legs, belly, chest, to take the hand. It delivers double pleasure.

the clitoris

Spread her labia to the sides with one hand and put the tongue fully on her Clit, so he was in the middle. Remember how licking ice cream. Don't knock the language and don't put your tongue inside her vagina. Start very slowly to write the Latin alphabet and mind you, when she she starts to make sounds.

Repeat the movement, which brings pleasure.

Listen to the girl, she will direct in the right direction.

The clitoris can suck, but don't do intense. Language is a universal tool that it is important to learn.

For excitation of the clitoris will approach the tip of the nose and fingers:

Holding the labia with the left hand and pleasing the clitoris language, the right hand stood 1-2 fingers into the vagina and stimulate the g-spot. It's not just first, but you can learn really cool to pleasuring this erogenous zone of the female partner.

Do the eskimo kiss or three on the nose of the clitoris and do not forget to gently stroking the labia of the female partner.

If to master cunnilingus, the woman a lot of times will think before to leave.

Erogenous area of the vagina

One of the most sensitive erogenous areas of a girl. Vaginal sex is traditional. However, there are nuances. Or know what the erogenous zones of a vagina?

How to properly work a cock inside a woman plays a big role. Erogenous zones in the vagina are around the levels, and each of the girls brings a certain pleasure from them.

An important role is played, in what position you have sex. How to work the cock inside the vagina, also has a value:

Sometimes it is necessary to enter shallow, and sometimes a little further but not causing pain.

No need to batter my body:

High speed and rigidity are not as important as it seems, and can bring the pain

Most sensitive spot is located inside on the upper wall. Put under the lower back pillow when she's back. This will change the angle of penetration, and the penis will stimulate the most sensitive areas of pleasure. Sometimes keep the tempo and play it very slowly inserting and pulling out the entire length of the cock, teasing the girl.

Anal erogenous zones

The erogenous zones on the female body are not only in front, but behind.

Play a role 4 things:

  1. Comfort
  2. Relaxation
  3. Preparation time
  4. Hygiene

To bathe before anal sex be sure. Be sure to have lubrication, otherwise there is a risk of injury. Just relax it, don't do everything very quickly. First make a hole with your finger. Enter the penis very slowly and carefully. Do a gentle forward motion. Through the time will go more actively and begin to have fun.

During anal sex stimulates female erogenous zones in the vagina. You can just stick a finger during sex. Some just love it, some people can't stand. Anal sex can a girl cum faster than from vaginal.


Female feet – the center of attraction of male attention and important place. The bottom most sensitive part of the foot and toes.

You can gently touch them with your fingers or suck. Kiss legs lips. This can give a stronger effect than a lick. Find out what she likes to sex.

Top women's most sensitive place is the inner thighs. It can be nibbled gently stroking or lightly pinching. Cut to the thighs in the end, so she was excited gradually.

Do everything slowly and deliberately. Gently, gently bite your thigh, approaching the vagina.

How to learn to identify the most erogenous zones in girls

To find out where the girl's erogenous zones, you need to get close to her and explore her body. Most likely, you will find those erogenous places that she doesn't even know. The reaction of the mistresses at the touches and kisses will make it clear which direction you're moving.

Women are different, and each is important. Now you know the main "levers" pleasures of the female body. Don't forget about them during subsequent sexual experiences.