Highlight during intercourse: norm and pathology

White discharge during sex appear upon excitation. They are called vaginal lubrication. This mucus is often colorless, transparent, but can sometimes acquire unusual color. As a rule, the presence of such secretions is considered normal, but sometimes can indicate pathological changes in the body.

White discharge during sex


Almost all during sex a white discharge are observed to increase in volume to the extent that, as increases libido. When arousal in women stands out grease of uniform consistency, which has no odor.

During sexual intercourse there is an intensive secretion, due to the blood flow to the vaginal walls and the active stimulation of the gonads. The volume of mucus is scant or profuse.

The secret that appears in intimacy, performs several functions. First of all, it makes sex much more comfortable as it provides easy sliding and introduction. Moreover, mucus prevents the ingestion of pathogens and creates a protective barrier to the penetration of infections and germs. Through such secretions sperms easier to move around and, consequently, increase the chances of conception.

Natural causes of discharge after sexual intercourse

Selection when excitation is considered to be completely normal. White discharge during sex comes from the fact that increases libido. Profuse discharge are observed when mixing semen with vaginal secretions. The discomfort is not marked. The increase in volume of mucus indicates that the sexual act was completed, the ejaculation in the vagina.

Often the reason appears transparent mucus in large quantity, is hypersensitivity.

Discharge after sexual intercourse may be different, so we encourage you to read additional information on this topic.

Vaginal discharge pathological nature

In addition to natural causes mucus during intercourse, there are a number of pathological that point to serious problems in the body. The reason for concern is the change in color and smell of secret.

An unpleasant odor may indicate that the natural microflora of the vagina was violated, and against this background developed bacterial vaginosis. Thick curdled consistency indicates the presence of pathology such as candidiasis. The frothy secretion is a symptom of trichomoniasis.

Cause for concern should be the appearance of a brownish, bloody discharge during intercourse. They can cause damage to the the genitourinary system and the development of serious diseases. Normal vaginal secretions should be transparent, white or colorless and not have any odor. The appearance of the characteristic aroma is allowed only if the intimacy was complete ejaculation in the vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis

If the vaginal flora is disturbed, the intense multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and consequently developing bacterial vaginosis. This is a very common condition in which the color and consistency of mucus change significantly. Maybe even bleeding during sex.

The characteristic symptoms of the pathology are considered to be itching and burning in the genital area, as well as gray or yellow discharge having a bad odor of rotten fish. The volume of secretions in this disease increases significantly during sex.

Bacterial vaginosis needs to be timely treatment. In the absence of treatment there is a great risk of intrusion into the reproductive system infection and development of inflammatory process in the uterus or the appendages.



White discharge from women after intimacy should not cause concern. The alarm signal is considered a change of their character and color. These symptoms often indicate penetration into the body of infections and diseases that are transmitted sexually.

One of such diseases is trichomoniasis. Often the disease is asymptomatic, but in some cases women appear thick foamy allocation without a smell, and the feeling of discomfort – itching. Symptomatology largely similar to that of vaginosis.

After intimacy a secret often there is blood and there are pain in the abdomen.

Yeast infection in the vagina

Yeast infection is one of the most common female pathologies. The main clinical signs are burning and itching in the genital area and discharge, from which emanates an unpleasant smell.

On the background of the development of the disease in women begin very itchy genitals. As a result of scratching the affected areas a rash and the redness. Accompanying symptoms the pathology is considered to be painful urination. Skin be damaged by contact with the urine there is pain and severe pain.

In addition, the appearance of curdled mucus with a characteristic sour flavor. The amount of discharge can increase during intimacy, and the smell becomes more noticeable.

Treatment and prevention

The course of treatment depends on what the pathology provoked the appearance is not typical of the secret. In case of mechanical damage of the vagina or cervix is damaged on shares of the suture.

With the development of sexually transmitted diseases resorted to the use of antibiotic means that the doctor selects individually. In this technique of drugs prescribed simultaneously in both sexual partners.

In case of violation of vaginal microflora and the development of bacterial vaginosis are assigned to vaginal suppositories. In case of detection of thrush is antifungal therapy, there are effective drugs for simultaneous treatment of thrush in men and women.

If you have been diagnosed with cervical erosion, resorting to its cauterization. Discovered polyps and other growths in the obligatory order are removed.

In order to prevent diseases that can cause pathological mucus, you should follow these recommendations:

  • The cleaning of intimate areas need to exercise twice a day and use no ordinary soap, and special tools that help to normalize the acid-alkaline balance.
  • Timely replacement of gaskets.
  • Do not wear synthetic underwear, no matter how beautiful it may seem.
  • To avoid casual sex.
  • To organize the diet.
  • Try to move more.

Lubrication during intercourse is normal. The appearance of mucus in this case does not indicate the development of pathology, but only if it has no odor and is characterized by transparency. Change the color of secretions and the appearance of associated symptoms is cause for immediate treatment to the doctor.