Massage for women for initiation: how to make a stimulating massage

Procedure with an erotic bias has an impact on specific points of the body, sharpens your senses. Tell you about massage for women, just for kicks, on the correct preparation for the procedure to achieve the desired result.

massage to excite

Preparing girls for erotic massage

Before you make a stimulating massage to the girl, you need to properly prepare for the procedure with an erotic bias. Erotic session should be held in comfortable conditions, so great importance has furnished.

Erotic massage is usually done close man. Husband or partner need to prepare thoroughly for intimate procedures. Under comfortable conditions for the excitation of the preparatory massage understand the following points:

  • the room should be a comfortable temperature, slightly above 23 degrees;
  • if there is no special massage table or bed, use the bed. You can put a soft blanket on the floor;
  • need Terry towels;
  • for massage movements prepare a special oil or cream;
  • to enhance the intimate effect you can light a stick of incense or use an aroma lamp;
  • pick a light, relaxing music;
  • lighting for stimulating massage girl not to be bright and annoying. Only dim light will help to relieve tension, and place the woman to the erotic treatments;
  • men hands should be warm, to eliminate unpleasant sensations from touch. Nails should be cut short and rasp, not to hurt the delicate female skin. Before the massage should be applied on the hands nourishing cream.

Of great importance during the exciting massage for women play an additional accessories, and some small tweaks that can deliver the girl a real pleasure.

The nuances of performance of erotic massage

For the execution of the massage session, oil can be bought ready, or you can prepare yourself. Homemade massage oil is prepared as follows:

  1. as the basic product will suit peach, grapes or almonds;
  2. to the base add a couple of drops of aromatic oil. You can use the extract of Jasmine, lavender. A great option would be adding to the composition, sandalwood or ylang-ylang.

If you failed to prepare or to buy oil, you can use the body cream.

To deliver to his girlfriend of more pleasant moments during the exciting massage, the man can take advantage of the following recommendations:

  • prepare ice cubes, feathers. These simple accessories will help to make a stimulating massage more intense;
  • instead of lighting you can light candles;
  • if the girl agree, then put on her blindfold. So the session will look not only erotic, but also a bit mysterious;
  • before performing the erotic procedure, ask the woman to lie a little in a prepared bath with sea salt or a flavored foam.

Almost every massage technique consists of certain movements, which includes stroking and vibrating manipulation. Stimulating female massage in this regard is no exception. These massage movements alternate in a certain order. The main rule during a session — do not rush.

Sequence when exciting massage for women is playing an important role. To every part of the body moving slowly, making certain movements. Massage treated areas are covered with a towel to eliminate overcooling and discomfort.

Exciting places on the female body

You need to understand that stimulating massages for women not mean the treatment of intimate areas. This is the main difference between erotic massage from intimate.

The man massages the woman is not only back, but also parts of the body from the front. All massage manipulations should be executed without the use of force, the Movement should be gentle, therefore it is best to use the pads of your fingers.

On the woman's body there are points, stimulating massage, and places that are better not to touch. Areas of the body to which it is better not to touch during an erotic session

  1. armpits and the region under the knees. Spoiled the whole point of the procedure, and the girl will be just tickled;
  2. the heel and the temples bring pain;
  3. the kidneys will not cause of pleasure;
  4. fore-neck and the solar plexus. Massaging these areas can cause discomfort and suffocation.

To massage points for excitation include:

  • the back and side of the neck;
  • of the ear;
  • brushes, hands and fingers;
  • back, especially the area between the shoulder blades, lower back area;
  • calves;
  • of the thigh;
  • of the foot and toes;
  • the abdomen;
  • chest.

Begin stimulating body massage girl with warm-up movements. It must be remembered that the easier it will be massage manipulation, the more fun get favorite.

Loving a man is not difficult to determine where the most stimulating areas on the body of the beloved. If during the warm up touching the girl begins to tremble, covered with goose bumps and jerky breathing, it means that we need a place to excite girl during massage found.

Exciting technique of Japanese massage

To deliver the woman as much more vivid and memorable impressions massage techniques, it is necessary to use a different touch on the most sensitive areas.

During the Japanese exciting the massage, you need to use the following manipulation, and simultaneously to observe the reaction of women:

  • to touch the body only with fingertips;
  • you can tickle sensitive areas feathers or the delicate brush;
  • to do light movement.

Massaging the most sensitive places such as the buttocks, the area on the back between the shoulder blades, shoulders, you need the following:

  1. if a girl undresses, the man should gently apply to body with massage oil;
  2. the oil is rubbed into the skin in circular manipulations, starting from the shoulders with gentle movements along the spine and feet;
  3. all movements are performed without effort, but with a gentle touch;
  4. on some of the most sensitive places can be pressed with fingertips;
  5. massaging the back and buttocks, you can make movements that resemble the painted patterns on the surface of the fabric;
  6. the abdomen, chest, legs, and thighs massaged in two positions: lying on your back and abdomen.

Important: the woman's hands belong to one of the most sensitive areas on the body. Therefore, to turn a girl on during a massage can strokes of her hands, especially on the inside.

erotic massage

The massage technique consists of the following phased actions:

  1. attention to the women's neck and ears. You can start the massage with the neck and stroking parcel around women's ears. Movements are performed with fingertips and a light touch of the palms. You can gently kiss his beloved for the ears and in the neck;
  2. the back area is processed in the area of the blades by using light manipulation. To understand what a girl feel special isn't difficult.
  3. the buttocks are massaged with slow movements. Touching the skin you need to gently, gradually moving to the feet. The most susceptible area is the inner femoral surface;
  4. during the treatment the feet will have to exert a bit of effort. Too gentle touch can provoke laughter, or the girl will be tickled. The heel massaged slowly and with increasing force;
  5. do not forget the face of a friend, which are also sensitive spots. This lips, lobes of ears, delicate feminine chin. Try to spend fingertips around the contour of the face. Special attention is recommended to pay the earlobes;
  6. massaging the Breasts, you should avoid forceful manipulation. All movements should be gentle, and in the area of the nipple is collected;
  7. belly you can massage and even tongue, lightly move the skin with your fingernails.

As for the intimate bikini area, erotic massage the sexual organs are not affected. Gentle, light manipulation you can touch the pubic area of a bikini. Such manipulation will give a good, stimulating effect

The positive effects of erotic massage will subsequently impact on the quality of the sex. After reviewing all of the most active and susceptible to female arousal points on the body, thanks to the technique stimulating massage for women, the man will give the woman more emotions from lovemaking. The girl, learning to fully relax during the erotic sessions that will also experience new sensations.

Horny massage technique for the back

Not everyone knows that a woman's back is one of the most sensitive and excitable parts of the body. So, the main motion when stirring back massage directed to this area. The most excitable and react to different touch parts of the back on the female body include:

  • the lumbar region;
  • the so-called cat's place. This is the area of the back located between the shoulder blades.

The lumbar part of the back is close to the genitals, and therefore has high sensitivity. And the area between the shoulder blades immediately responds even to light, stroking touch.

To give a real erotic relaxing procedure, you must know how to do an erotic back massage for girls. First of all, you need to follow some rules:

  • the skin should be touched gently, without effort;
  • massage movements should always be alternated. The same rule applies to. More insistent, but still gentle manipulation are alternated with the light touch of the fingertips;
  • moving to the buttocks, you can do more intense pinching and rubbing, because in these places the skin is denser.

Technique exciting massage to the woman in the back consists of the following manipulations:

  • after applying to the back of the oil or cream for massage, performed by common manipulation. Kneading starting from the shoulders with a gradual transition to the back. The movements go in a circle;
  • you can do a mild vibration manipulations along the spine;
  • the lumbar region is treated lightly, then there is a transition to the neck, and the man returns to the back.

During the erotic procedure, a man can touch a woman with his body. So dear friend you will get a more vivid sense from the session.

If it is correct to do massage girl for excitation, the female partner may experience different feelings:

  • a girl can cry;
  • to sleep. In this case, the partner is not to Wake up;
  • experience the full relaxing effect;
  • pleasure may go to sexual arousal;
  • the partner completely to get rid of negative energy.

If a girl is excited by the massage, and comes in a small euphoric state, it means that the session is performed correctly.

Using erotic session, you can solve many relationship problems and to achieve the following effect:

  • the girlfriend leaves negative emotions, and the relationship with the beloved man will become brighter and richer;
  • the woman wakes up the real sexual energy;
  • the man can do an erotic massage as foreplay to sex.

The advantage of the erotic procedure, if performed by a husband or close male, is that during a session in couple no restrictions on any actions. If a man owns a technique of erotic treatments and knows how to massage a woman to excite, the partner will be able to go to further making love.

The behavior of men during erotic massage

To a massage with an erotic bias was qualitatively, a man is needed to carry out the following recommendations:

  • the therapist, despite the fact that is a close man, should understand what real affection and love towards the partner can give her pleasure. It is not necessary to focus on the General massage movements. The whole thing in a light, erotic touch in the most sensitive female areas;
  • not to do stimulating massage, linger long in any one part of the body. The entire session must be a complex event, during which it is impossible to remove the hands from the body surface. Need to move seamlessly from one sensitive area of the body to another;
  • it is clear that during the treatment a man can get excited. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately adjust to what the massage is for the fun girls and not for yourself. You need to focus on the procedure rather than myself.

Massage, which is performed for the excitation of the beloved is considered as the best exercise that help to build relationships and move on to something new that involves mutual caresses.

If the man decided to make a present for your beloved in the erotic procedure, you should not strictly adhere to the proposed recommendations. Every couple knows better how to pleasure each other. Therefore, during the massage should follow a phased implementation of the session. But otherwise, better to follow my feelings and the desires of the beloved partner. The only way to understand which actions bring more positive emotions and which manipulations should be abandoned.

As for the goal of erotic massage, it is to some extent aimed at improving. The woman after several procedures, it becomes easier to relax during lovemaking, it takes the anxiety and stress in emotional terms. However, the main goal of the procedure will still be the initiation of girls, although the session is dominated by the common, traditional massage.

Almost every man turns to perform a stimulating massage on the first try. Most importantly, listen to the reaction of the beloved, and then made clear how best to perform a particular movement.