Syndrome permanent sexual arousal: symptoms, causes, treatment

For most women it is no secret that problems in sexual life solved. This regularly proves to us psychologists, sexologists and just an immense amount of literature. The shortage of permanent sexual partners in some circles of our society has long been filled through the efforts of the adult toy stores. In General, anyway, but to get the desired result was not too difficult. But what to do when the body begins to live his life like crazy, making depressed women more often experience constant orgasms and sexual arousal...

constant arousal

Syndrome – a disaster

Disease permanent sexual arousal was discovered by doctors not so long ago – the first time it's mentioned in 2001. Age women who suffer from this syndrome less than 45 years. Syndrome permanent sexual arousal is uncontrollable arousal, unrelated to sexual stimulus, which is accompanied by spontaneous orgasms. Pelvic floor muscles inexplicably begin to decline, increased sweating, the blood vessels begin to dilate and breathing quickens. It ends unnecessary orgasms in different places: at work, during sports, walking outdoors, in vehicles – wherever you can imagine. There have been cases when women have experienced up to 300 orgasms a day. Natural fun for them turned into a disaster!

This syndrome is included in the list of sexual dysfunctions, but doctors are inclined to believe that it is nothing as a mental disorder. It would be logical that in a state of fatigue or sleepiness the disease disappeared, but it is not! Condition reduces sexual desire of ordinary people, promotes arousal in women with the described syndrome.

Causes of excessive sexual arousal

Due to the fact that most women who have this diagnosis are ashamed of their condition and not turning to professionals for help, to investigate the disease to the end and fails. Experts who study the syndrome worldwide, claim that it has nothing to do with rabies uterus, as it has no sexual stimuli. Does not have an associated syndrome and the inability to experience orgasm, not with multiple orgasms.

Some scientists are inclined to the opinion that the disease of "inappropriate arousal" may be causal in the presence of anatomical abnormalities, tumours in the reproductive system, epilepsy, disorders of the arteries and veins of the urogenital system. Now it has also been suggested that the syndrome permanent sexual arousal is nothing like a side effect when small growths in the lower part of the spine – the so-called cysts Tarlova. One cannot deny the assumption that the disease is still a consequence of psychological trauma: probably in the past sex was associated with pain or discomfort. Including sex life may have begun with a traumatic, painful cases.

Treatment syndrome permanent sexual arousal

Due to the fact that the disease is not fully understood, and absolute cure for to call it impossible. We can confidently assert that if the syndrome of uncontrolled excitation a consequence of other ailments, the cure the first thing the cause of the disease. Some people benefit creams with anesthetics or local application of ice. Some suitable anti-depressants. It is also true that such patients need psychological and psychotherapeutic help. Otherwise the mental state of the patients sometimes leads to disastrous consequences, including suicide.