Frigidity, the symptoms and causes of disease

Good day, dear visitors of the blog! A fulfilling and happy relationship is impossible without sex life. Pleasure woman in bed depends on her composure and behavior.

But why in the most harmonious, at first glance, the relationship, sometimes absent libido? In fact, the reason of this phenomenon is more than enough. There is an important role as a physiological factor, and psychological.

The lack of libido in women is not a reason to accuse her husband. Today I will help you to understand why this happens.

no arousal in women

During orgasm, from a physiological point of view, there is a reduction of the uterus and vagina that ends happy. Partners can experience during one sexual act, one or several orgasms.

If a woman is cold in bed, not experiencing any sensations, then it is called frigid. Some frigid women, there is complete aversion to the sexual process.

Libido - called sexual desire. Its heyday was in the late Teens or early twenties, sometimes earlier.

The sexual life of the partners originates from the desire which is formed in the brain. A strong sex it is through visual pictures, in a great part of the population is associated with romanticism and actions. After you receive the desire for excitement, then begins the process steps and ends with an orgasm. The more serious the problem, the more difficult therapy.

Why no desire for women?

I already talked about the fact that the reasons for the lack of traction are divided into two categories. Let's consider the physiological side:

  1. Failure of the hormonal system. Is responsible for libido hormone called testosterone. Today there is a tendency to its reduction. In women, decreased libido may be due to the influence of the hormone prolactin. Lactating women have a loss of traction.
  2. Age-related processes. The loss or weakening of the thrust occurs in women during menopause. At this time, the efficiency of the ovaries begins to fall, causing the estrogens are produced in small quantities. The process becomes painful in the absence of lubrication. A stop sexual intercourse, continuing to live a normal life and be happy.
  3. Pathological condition. This includes conditions such as diabetes, diseases of the genitourinary system, and many others.
  4. A way of life. Nicotine, alcohol, drugs inhibit the attraction. They affect the nerves in the brain, which are responsible for libido. The priority is the pleasure of these habits.
  5. Contraction of the muscles of the vaginathat can be painful for both partners. Often the cause of this condition is postponed sexual violence.
  6. Sexual diseases. They often create discomfort in the area of external sexual organs and vagina.

The psychological aspect

Women often have no desire in connection with past suffering severe situations, such as unsuccessful first sexual relations, violence, the birth of the child.

Many women who were brought up very strictly, too shy to open their feelings and emotions to the partner. They are afraid to seem slutty to him, etc. Often there are cases when after marriage women only have sex in the dark or in clothing. Lost the desire because of hidden resentment toward our former partner.


At the beginning of Dating, and at first relations between people exist the interest and strong attraction. This contributes to chemical processes in the brain, resulting in enhanced passion and growing desire. All this leads to the natural sexual process without the need of additional activation of desire.

Problems of identity that have arisen due to the imposed opinion of society, parents and other people, and also as a result of psychological trauma on time may overlap a strong attraction to a particular partner. But over time the spark fades, and the problems returned.

The constant conflicts and disagreements between the husband and wife that arise throughout life together play an important role in loss of sexual desire. Some people have a long time to hold a grudge, because that completely turns off sexual attraction.

For a great part of the population it is important to receive compliments, flowers and gifts even after the wedding and many years together. Women have a huge need to develop the emotional part of the relationship before sexual contact. In men, this need appears after sex.

Love and sex should be in harmony. If the pair prevails more Platonic and spiritual connection, then libido goes by the wayside and Vice versa.

Over the years between people there is trust, understanding, but suffers intimate life. In their relationships, people will be deprived, they may desire intimacy with someone else, while remaining faithful to your partner.

The important role played by physical attractiveness. After marriage women and men should not cease to care for themselves. They must comply with hygiene rules, watch my weight, hairstyle, makeup, clothing style, skin condition, etc.

In a relationship where you do not know what inspired the look, facial expressions, movements, smell partner is no satisfaction. Distinguish specific parts of DNA that create attraction between partners. So, we are most drawn sexually to those that have irregular and unusual for the us style of clothing and behavior that we really like. But the interests and views of life among such people will not be the same.

The solution to the problem

A woman may not always understand the lack of desire. Ladies do you ask yourself many questions about how not to bring the marriage to divorce. For someone the best solution will be to visit a psychologist or sexologist.

Specialist will research, talk to you, will consider the problem from all angles, establish the reason for loss of traction and will find an effective solution to this problem. This may be standard advice, a variety of technical therapeutic manipulation, dance and movement actions and more. The professional determines what the client needs to work.

Treatment of reduced libido is a certain difficulty. If managed correctly to determine the cause, then you need therapy of the main disease.

In any case, it is useful to lead a healthier life, to stop drinking alcohol, get enough sleep and be in a tranquil state of mind. All these actions are aimed at improving hormonal levels in a natural way. I have achieved excellent results in this regard, so I know whereof I speak.

It is useful to perform a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the PC muscles and pelvic floor muscles. It stimulates arousal by increasing blood circulation. Also Kegel exercises can be done daily for this purpose.

And finally reveal to you another method to gain the sexual interest of a partner in a natural way. You just need to do yoga.


As you know, all the exercises of yoga are accompanied by a deep and conscious breath. Do before bed exercises, train yourself to breathe correctly, and after, the same belly breathing use during intimacy, you'll be surprised at how it works!

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