Female lubricant composition looks like, why you need

The quality of the vaginal secretions - an important indicator of women's health, which can judge the presence or absence of certain pathologies. Modern medicine distinguishes between several types of secretions, some of which are the norm, and others with symptoms of an infectious or inflammatory process. Let us consider one of their kind – female vaginal lubricant.

female lubrication

Natural mucus clear color that stands out women's genitals, also called vaginal fluid.

It has a very complex structure: it consists of cellular and liquid components; a special mucus that is produced by glands located in the epithelium of the vagina and uterus; as well as leukocytes and certain types of microorganisms.

The last in the absence of pathologies and diseases are contained in the minimum quantity, but infection their number increases, as well as changing nature.

The grease is secreted constantly, but when aroused, the amount increases several times. First, it is a natural lubricant that protects the vagina from mechanical damage during intercourse. Secondly, it contains a number of substances that protect the female body from the penetration of infections.

During arousal the vaginal walls intensely rushes the blood vessels to dilate and "sweat" – with this in the vagina are small droplets of liquid. This is the natural lubricant.

In healthy women, vaginal lubrication - not too thick, a transparent substrate without any noticeable smell and color.

In some cases, color may vary – for example, after intercourse, it becomes more dense and milky white.

The appearance of the grease and its consistency should not leave the woman unattended: timely detection of changes gives the ability to quickly detect pathology in reproductive systems of the body.

How sexual intercourse affects the allocation of

On average, moisture in the walls of the vagina begins to form after about 10-15 seconds after start of active stimulation of the erogenous zones, or with strong psychological arousal.

It serves as a kind of signal that a woman is ready for the introduction of the penis of the partner.

After the introduction of the natural lubricant not cease to be produced, on the contrary – its quantity increases. Max grease is secreted in the period of orgasm. But after the recession the initiation of the selection are coming back.

Interestingly, just a natural lubricant acts as a sure sign of female arousal, because it is impossible to fake or forge.

why you need a grease

Because getting semen in the vagina can change the color selections. Thick vaginal lubrication white color is a characteristic consequence of unprotected intercourse. Thus unnecessary semen is expelled.

If you use a condom, or when an incomplete coitus allocation also becomes thick, but their texture becomes creamy, gaining viscosity.

If the discharge has dramatically changed color or consistency before intercourse, or the lack of it – be sure to visit your gynecologist.

As a result of insufficient vaginal lubrication education

If the body produces too little natural substances, the consequences can be very different: the sex organs become more vulnerable to bacteria and micro-organisms, and the sexual act is accompanied by severe discomfort.

Harmful lack of secretion of the woman and her sexual partner: if excessive vaginal dryness can occur rupture or damage to the frenulum of the penis.

That may lead to reduction in the amount of discharge?

  • Hormonal and some other pharmaceutical preparations;
  • Constant exposure to stress, strong emotional and physical overload;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and infectious processes. In this case a woman should pay attention to what looks like vaginal fluid: what color it is, which has no smell, thick or liquid;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Diseases of the organs of the reproductive and urinary system;
  • Insufficient arousal before sex, disorders of libido;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Pathology of the nervous system;
  • The period of breastfeeding.

As you can see, the reasons are many. In any case be self-medicate, always seek the help and advice of a gynecologist. After a full medical examination will be possible to accurately diagnose pathology and to prescribe effective treatment.

If poor selection of vaginal fluid are a feature of the body of a particular woman, partners are encouraged to use artificial lubricants, which are sold in any drugstore.

If natural lubrication too rich

For the most part the phenomenon causes disturbances of a psychological nature – a woman can be ashamed of a strong discharge and for this reason to refuse sex.

In addition, some ignorant men think high humidity in the female the vagina is a clear symptom of promiscuity of the woman or even her infidelity.

In fact, the profusion of the discharge is a sign of a healthy libido and normal reaction of the body to a state of excitation.


To cope with the "problem" will help rather consultation sexologist or therapist, not a gynecologist.