How to turn a girl on massage, words, tablet

Modern men know a lot. The fundamentals of business and investing how to build a skyscraper, what to say and where, how to use supernova gadgets. But for all its awareness, there is an area where a man feels himself a "layman" and a pretty solid age. How to turn a girl on? What excites her the most? How to understand what the girl is excited while being with you? To understand the subtle and changeable of the psychology of women, hormonal changes and her true desires will help our review. Thus, the top-10 valuable tips on how to excite a woman.

stimulating massage

How to turn a girl on with a kiss

The art of correct kiss is not easy. The mistake most men is that after the first kiss, they tend to go to the "manhandling" of the special zones of women. But most of all, she wants tenderness and affection, so kissing it is better to stay for a while. First, it was gentle kissing with gradually increasing passion excited the girl the most. Secondly, after a long "kissing" the question will be "why doesn't he hurry?" and she starts to flirt more freely, showing that it is not against sex. How to turn a girl on with a kiss? French kiss is the undoubted leader in terms of further pleasant development.

It is important to understand that the grasping hands and the waist does not have a girl to reciprocity, especially with a short introduction. The touch should be sustained, delicate, and one must start with it. After a light touch of a hand, with the tacit consent of the girl, to take her hand. Stimulating women strokes, starts here. Touching her fingers with his, just time to move on to the short arms. In this case, the light stroking of the back would be appropriate, but not arrogant. in the resist, touch her face, hair and shoulders. A secret – area between the shoulder blades most women is erogenous. Now you know how to turn a girl on by touch.

How to turn a girl on with words

Feel free to talk to the girl about how she's attractive. It is desirable that the compliments had a real basis ("you have gorgeous Breasts" or "delightfully slender legs", "driving me crazy your lips"). In any case, will compliment the beauty of the perfume, hair, etc. Girls spend a lot of time to maintain the beauty so that you can talk endlessly on it, but the third phrase is almost like their "ears". How to turn a girl on with words? At a closer look it is permissible to whisper in your ear different the intimate details that will show her how you listened carefully to her body.

Music, exciting women

Forget about their commitment to their individual music. Music and romantic atmosphere will make most of the things, if you pay attention to them. The music should be hot, rhythmic, but not fast.

Ideal flamenco, Spanish and Italian motifs, as well as Rumba and tango.

Smells as an aphrodisiac

Girls always react to smells. So one answer to the question "how to turn a girl" is the creation of a fragrant atmosphere for the evening, as well as men's, but not too intense, the fragrance from your body. There are several win-win options:

  • Sandalwood and ylang-ylang;
  • Patchouli, orange;
  • Cedar;
  • Cinnamon and ginger;
  • Musk, mint and vanilla.

Stronger than all girls are attracted to the scent of clean male skin, and the smell of his arousal. It shows her as she desired herself, and adds a "bonus" one who is excited by the presence.

Foods to increase libido

Indeed, if to take care of before a date about a particular set of products, then with high probability you can get sex in the end of the evening. It's not even the favorite foods of the girl, but the fact that there is food that makes women's body to produce needed hormones. To help you to seduce any girl can:

  • Oysters;
  • Bananas;
  • Celery;
  • Almonds;
  • Caviar;
  • Chocolate.

Latest sweet product, it is the most powerful natural female aphrodisiac. He will be mentioned again in a completely unexpected context. How much excited the woman depends on the amount of food (too much food on the table can "put" a man rich, but it is the field of psychology contact).

Folk remedies

How much should a woman react to the man? It decides itself when it decides to cook her dinner with special spices. They will be key to the successful and bright night. So a misfire happens, it is best to add to food or beverages:

  • Anise or lemon balm;
  • Ginseng;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Coffee and vanilla;
  • Ginger and saffron;
  • Angelica and Damian.

Arousing a woman is stronger than only for specific drugs or synthetic female agents. But, first, they are not always at hand. Second, natural spices will not harm the woman's body. Interesting statistical fact – the smell of cherries "kills" the desire at the root, except for some individual cases.

New generation drugs

Those men who are not willing to waste time on courtship, and only wants a fun-filled evening with a hot woman in bed, you should care about the presence of female synthetic agents. These include:

  • Female viagra;
  • Chocolate;
  • Special creams and gels lubricants;
  • Lubrication, tablets, pills;
  • Drinks, capsules, sachets.

Are these drugs on the nerves and hormonal system. In fact, they are forced to produce some hormones that increase the intensity of the libido. Not necessarily to tell the girl about your above. If she thinks that the wave of excitement rose in the body in a natural way, as a reaction to your presence.

Erogenous zones – the G-spot

If the girl allows himself to be touched by hands, neck, shoulders, ears – you are on your way to an unforgettable night. The fact that these are the main erogenous zones. Point in women are approximately in the same locations, but keep in mind that the intensity of the touch at first should be minimal. On the body there are also areas of high pleasure.

  • Inner thighs;
  • Buttocks and cleavage on the lower back;
  • The chest and neck;
  • Back, or rather the area between the shoulder blades;
  • Location: from the navel to the pelvic bones.

Even if you are already in bed with a girl, do not forget that the stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot will make you an unforgettable lover in the eyes of any girl.


The best and most correct way to achieve attachment is the massage for women. A couple of recommendations for its implementation will help the man to become a virtuoso, playing on the women's bodies as well-tuned instruments.

  • Stimulating massage starts from the feet;
  • Erogenous points women have the most sensitive on the back of the thighs and buttocks;
  • The strokes must be strong and gentle;
  • Move should up the body of the partner;
  • To initiate can massage for women in lower back area.