Inadequate education of vaginal lubrication in women

If during intercourse the woman is experiencing discomfort, manifested by burning sensation and constant dryness in the vagina, that means her body produces insufficient vaginal mucus. This condition is reversible, and to regain the quality of sex life, make it enjoyable, you need to find out the reasons of insufficient formation of vaginal lubrication and prescribe treatment.

The lack of secretions before intercourse dangerous, that can cause cracks on the walls of the vagina. The damaged area is exposed to infections, including those transmitted through blood — HIV, hepatitis b and C.

stands out as lubrication

What is lubrication in the vagina? Body contains its own glands that producitur her.

The composition of the secretions are composed of:

  • mucous cells are constantly exfoliating of the epithelium;
  • bacteria of natural microflora.
  • secret produced ceruicis and uterine glands.

A greater amount of these precipitates is formed during the period of active sexual life. Especially brightly this process occurs directly before sexual intercourse as a result of the excitation.

As there is vaginal secretions

Throughout sexual intercourse continues to stand out lubrication in women. Where does it come from? As soon as sexual arousal to the pelvic organs, blood rushes. Blood vessels carry with them not only oxygen but also moisture, which is discharge on the vaginal walls. Interestingly, vaginal fluid, preventing friction, not only protects women's genitals, but the penis men from rupture of the frenulum.

The secret that stands out among the girls during the excitation, it contains useful microflora and the white blood cells, therefore protects the female body from possible infection. It is important to observe what color discharge is the arousal and after sexual intercourse.

Ideally before intercourse should not be coloring, and after may appear white grease at the girl, if you have not used condom. White give extra sperm are ejected.

If lubricant for vaginal sex becomes different shades, it is an occasion to address to the gynecologist. If there is no grease at all, or the allocation of very scarce during intercourse it is recommended to use artificial lubricants.

the causes of lack of lubrication

Due to insufficient allocation of lubrication

Natural vaginal gel lubricant may cease to stand out in the right amount if:

  • you have to use some contraceptives (both vaginal and oral), which inhibit the secretion of female hormones;
  • wrong use of tampons during menses (rarely changes overnight are not replaced pads);
  • there is an infectious disease of the sexual sphere;
  • there are changes in the endocrine system;
  • the woman is in a state of constant stress and high mental and emotional stress;
  • shower gel and plain soap to constantly wash the private parts;
  • a woman has entered menopause.

Also excessive dryness of the vagina can lead to bad habits: Smoking, alcohol abuse.

After childbirth, when the vaginal walls are stretched, sometimes also a decrease in vaginal secretions, but over time the tone of the body becomes normal, and the secretions restored.

How to deal with failure of vaginal secretions

  1. If no suitable contraceptive, it must be replaced by another. If the gynecologist insists the remedy he prescribed, citing his age, recent pregnancy, etc., then you need to consult another doctor.
  2. To use tampons you need the instructions, and at night it is better to replace the gaskets. If menstrual flow is abundant, do not use tampons, because there is a great risk of toxic shock syndrome. Preferably the first days of menstruation to spend with spacers, and then move on to tampons. Along with the development of vaginal secretions will be normal.
  3. The urinary tract infection you need to treat and then the vaginal lubrication returns to normal.
  4. The reasons are hormonal in nature can be eliminated with drugs that are prescribe a gynecologist or endocrinologist, conducted research on the work of the glands of internal secretion.
  5. In menopause the cosmetics hormone replacement therapy, creams with estrogen.
  6. If the case in stressful situations, then this type of leave, vacation and even change jobs to a more calm.
  7. For hygiene of the external genitalia need to use special tools that do not desiccate the skin and mucous membranes. In such gels and Soaps reduced alkali content, no alcohol or other irritating substances. Preferably, water treatments without antibiotics because they can destroy beneficial microflora.
a doctor

If redundancy of the secretions?

Why girls "leak" when excited ? It's a natural process to prepare the body for copulation. But why there's lots of lubrication in women, even outside of sexual acts? Can this be considered a hormonal disorder? Often the period when the grease is secreted too rapidly, coincides with the most favorable time for conception.

It's not only about ovulation, and about specific age. It is a kind of hint from the body that it is ready for childbearing and childbirth. Someone this happens in 20-25 years, and someone five or ten years later. Especially if this is not the first birth. If the look and the color selections are not changed, then there is no reason to think about illness.

Psychological problems associated with an abundance or lack of vaginal lubrication

The excess vaginal mucus can cause psychological problems: she can be corny ashamed of this manifestation. If there is a lack of vaginal lubrication, then it can be the consequence of psychological problems — abnormal libido.

The lack of excitation leads to the fact that lubrication is not allocated in the proper amount. In this situation the woman should go to a sex therapist. If the excess or deficiency of mucus inadequately perceived sexual partner, the sex therapist must go it.