Female stimulant what are

Female stimulant is a drug that allows you to achieve arousal in bed. It is produced in the form of synthetic drugs or supplements. These funds vary in composition, duration and level of effectiveness.


The most popular is female pathogen with a synthetic compound called Female Viagra. It includes selective inhibitor of sildenafil is a potent substance that causes an active blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Female stimulant effect on libido

Female pathogen affects the level of libido after the first use. Regardless of their composition (natural or synthetic) stimulant increases sexual arousal and improves the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

Under the action of the pathogen, the woman feels confident and free. Her sex is long and sensual, and orgasm manifested more than usual.

Female pathogen with the natural composition

Female pathogen with the natural composition efficiently stimulates arousal and very rarely cause harm. Among the popular agents, the fairer half should be allocated to Spanish fly and Silver Fox. Both tools are available in the form of drops. As the active ingredients of the first product are: guarana, Muira, Damiana, vitamin complex. The second product contains a potent substance Lytta digestive secretion of a beetle Lytta Vesicatoria, which is considered a rare natural aphrodisiac. Both have no taste and easy to use.

Spirits and female stimulant

excitement and alcohol

Spirits and female stimulant safe in one case, with the combination of organic ingredients means. Alcohol is compatible with a biological additives, but dangerous when combined with synthetic drugs. For example, the use of alcohol while taking Viagra harmful to women's health, as the active substance of sildenafil in combination with ethyl alcohol accumulates in the blood and causes serious adverse reactions (to the point of intoxication).

When using female agents from natural composition, the patient is recommended to be limited to a small dose of alcohol, to reduce the load on the liver and on the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Female pathogen after 45

Female pathogen after 45 years not only enhances sexual desire and sensitivity of erogenous zones, but also effectively fights discomfort during climax. Drugs that stimulate libido, increase tone and elasticity of the vagina. They increase the production of secretion and are struggling with the tidesobserved in the first few years of menopause. The use of female agents at menopause allows a woman to maintain the high sexual activity and good health.

Female stimulant fast action

quick arousal

Female agents quick actions provide a strong sexual arousal already after 5-15 minutes after their admission. Most popular among these drugs are: Rendez Vous, G Female, Forte Love. They have fast effect, which is manifested in 3-5 minutes and last up to 4 hours. These products stimulate the process of circulation of the pelvic organs, normalize the production of female hormones and raise levels of serotonin and endorphin in the body.

Female pathogen without harm to health

If you want to choose women pathogen without harm to health, pay attention to products which consist of natural components. But keep in mind that cause an allergic reaction in the presence of a number of contraindications, can even natural stimulants. Their use reduces the risk of adverse reactions from the cardiovascular system, and exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Female stimulant is contraindicated for whom

Female agents is contraindicated:

  • minor girls;
  • virgines;
  • pregnant women;
  • women during lactation.

Sexual stimulation of blood circulation during pregnancy can lead to serious abnormalities in the structure of the fetus. Do not take pathogens during menstruation. So, active contraction of the sex muscles in these cases is the cause of the rich and painful discharge. Another contraindication to the use of female agents – the presence of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital organs.

Female stimulant is there a correlation

  Female pathogen does not cause dependence. Drugs to stimulate the libido, not have a negative impact on the receptors in the brain and, consequently, cannot cause physical addiction. Is recommended to use them sporadically to enhance sensitivity, as well as regularly for 3-4 weeks to completely eliminate symptoms of menopause.

Female stimulant natural aphrodisiac

natural pathogens

Female stimulant of natural origin is called an aphrodisiac. Scientifically established that substances that enhance sexual desire, are not only in the rare medicinal plants, but also in ordinary food.

Best natural aphrodisiacs for women are:

  1. chili;
  2. nutmeg;
  3. avocado;
  4. celery;
  5. honey;
  6. dark chocolate;
  7. ginger.

High stimulating properties have also essential oil. The most effective of them are: bergamot, geranium, cinnamon, myrrh, fir, rose, patchouli. You can use them while performing a relaxing massage.