Reason why not released lubrication to the girl.

To get the maximum pleasure from intercourse for both partners is important slide and adequate hydration of the genital organs. This contributes to the residual amount of lubricant, natural lubricant stands out the sexual organs of women and men under the influence of sexual arousal, blood flow and increased levels of sex hormones. And if men have no problems with it, why not stand out lubrication in women is a hot topic.

why there is no lubricant in the arousal of women

To understand why not stand out natural lubrication when excited, and the desire of copulation, it is necessary to consider in detail the specifics of the sexual organs, as well as what processes are responsible for the appearance of the ducatus. In medicine, a lubricant called secret that gland secrete bodies. Vaginal dryness also has the medical term is atrophic vaginitis.

What's in a woman's body is responsible for lubrication?

In itself, the vagina is a muscular and elastic canal that is outside of layered epithelium. The upper layer of the epithelium constitutes the mucosa with its complex microflora. For lubrication responsible special glands in the epithelium of the vagina, they are under the influence of a number of factors must develop a transparent liquid without smell and color.

For lubrication also answers the circulatory system, as under the rush of blood to the genital epithelium significantly thickened, which leads under some pressure to secretion from glands ducatus of natural origin. Not the last role in the selection process lubrication plays a hormonal system of women, which greatly affects libido, and the degree of excitability of the female body.

Why there is no grease at the girl when excited?

If the woman has no lubricant even in a moment of strong sexual excitement during the sexual act, at the end of it, most likely, it will be about the presence of and disorders. From the point of view of medicine, atrophic vaginitis is a direct microdamage, which is accompanied by lowering of the secret of glands in the walls of the vagina. Against this background, the natural lubrication is not produced the sexual organs.

The reason why ceased to stand out grease:

  1. If we talk about women in the age of 40-60 years, the cause may be the climax. Against the background of changes in the body decreases the production of estrogen the hormone system, which is primarily responsible for the glands.
  2. The decrease in estrogen can be caused by hormonal medications, such as antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, medicines for fibroids, antihistamines and diuretics.
  3. Personal hygiene items that are chosen incorrectly, can also affect the sexual organs and glands. But it is a means with flavorings, odorants, synthetic substances and colorants.
  4. why no lube when excited in women causes
  5. Lead to reduced lubrication is the use of hormonal remedies with progesterone, acts as antagonist of estrogen.
  6. Physiological causes are premenstrual period and menstruation.
  7. Little lubricant may be in women who abuse bad habits that affect the circulatory system and the work of secretory glands as well as hormonal.
  8. The effect of radiation and chemotherapy that have a very negative impact on the hormonal system.
  9. The cause can also be an autoimmune disease Sjogren's syndrome that affects various glands and affects connective tissue.
  10. Dryness can also be caused by a number of negative factors — frequent douching, the presence of urinary infections and viral diseases, as well as surgery to remove the ovaries.
  11. The most common reason for a lack of secret in a woman is pregnancy and post-Natal stage, when there is a restructuring of the hormonal system.

Also to causes of atrophic vaginitis include frequent stressful situations, physical activity, psycho-emotional disorders.

What to do with it?

Before looking for methods to eliminate such a diagnosis as atrophic vaginitis, female important to find out exactly the cause of this phenomenon. For this you need to see a gynecologist, and then to identify the cause of the disorder and outline a method of therapy. Most often the treatment of vaginal dryness is based on restoring the hormonal balance.

For reference! If causes of vaginal dryness steel genitourinary disease, may need appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Local treatment of atrophic vaginitis involves the following steps:

  • The use of candles from of dryness is to insert suppositories every day you need 1 thing in a month, for 2 thing for some time until the problem is resolved.
  • Introduction estrogen rings 1 every 3 months, thereby saturating the sexual organs hormones.
  • The use of hormonal creams estrogen, which may need to be applicator. Apply first you need 1 per day in the first week, then 3 times a week until the problem is resolved.
why no lube when excited in women treatment

In some individual cases, the specialist may prescribe hormones in the form of tablets. In this case, it is necessary to observe all these schemes and dosages, as irrational use of hormones is fraught with side effects. Excess estrogen can even lead to cancer. With contraindications to hormones specialist may prescribe herbal medicine — upland uterus, hops extract, melatonin etc.

Apart from drug therapy, to moisturize the genital organs, it is possible to use means for the symptomatic treatment of moisturizers and lubricants lubricants water-based, ideal for everyday use. Otherwise there is a risk of trauma to the vagina, which leads to a number of second time developed infections (introduction to abrasions and cracks opportunistic agent) and diseases (against inflammation).