Arousing a woman: the evening should not be weary

Women know lots of techniques through which they are able to arouse a man sexual desire. There is a perception that the use of such techniques should only women, but to them it is not necessary to do so.

arousing a woman

However, caring men who really want to give pleasure to his partner, wondering about how to excite a woman. They might do it to some extent for themselves, because when she is happy, and is able to deliver a man pleasure.

What steps need to do?

Men realize that all women of the opposite sex are different, this means that the approach to each of them to look for individual. And yet there are universal tricks that will help to bring a partner, or at least to set the mood for the upcoming evening.

Romance. Organize it, have the representative of the stronger sex, if he looked forward to a pleasant continuation of the evening.

Candles and a delicious dinner – the first step to creating the right atmosphere. Not all men cooks, and doesn't need to. You can build a light dinner, but even if they do not, you can just order food from a cafe or restaurant.

Everyone knows that there are many products that, so to speak, to raise the man's mood, but also on the female libido can also be influenced by food. To excite the fairer sex will be easier, if she tries banana, orange, corn, currants, grapes, honey, pistachio, mango, shrimp, vanilla, chocolate.

All together you can certainly not bring to the table, but even one or a few foods from this list will suffice. Help relax and a little alcohol, and both. Only now the spirits in large quantities should not eat, not to relax too much.

By the way, alcohol makes you play with hormones, so the excitement can come to both quickly:

  • Flowers. Representatives of the stronger sex believe that the flow of the bouquet is trite, uninteresting and generally obsolete, but it is not so. Flowers will get closer, not only mentally, but also will house a woman for physical intimacy. They also can act on the weaker sex. For example, mallow, ylang-ylang, Jasmine have a fragrance that will quickly configure the fairer sex in a romantic mood;
  • Words. Who does not know that the woman likes ears. Gentle words, spoken in a whisper, have a magic effect. Of course, they should be about how beautiful she is, how beautiful the hair fall on her shoulders and alluring glittering eyes;
  • To bring the partner to properly and quickly help correct phrase in duet with strokes and caresses and gentle, sensual. Need to find her erogenous zones. The majority of the fairer sex, pleasant caress your chest, neck, thighs, but each individual man need to try to find some point which is an erogenous zone exclusively for her. For some, it may be toes, someone like weasels bend the elbows, and someone stroking the hair roots;
  • Massage. Tactile affection can cause of your partner desire to get more touches, and massage in this case will be very helpful. It is better to start from the back, so offer the girl to lie down on your stomach. To start massage movements with the neck, moving gently on the back, along the spine. The massage consistency is important, so from the back it's got to go hands to the hips and then the legs to the toes, soles of feet. For many women feet and toes are erogenous zones, but if something feels too easy, the female partner may experience a tickling, and such experience may completely scare off the romance. Noticing the slightest discomfort on her part, the man needs to stop to massage a particular area. This erotic massage does not end there. Help the girl to roll over, lie on your back. Touch the face, neck, ears, move to chest, abdomen;
  • Odors. They should not be ignored and, by the way, during the massage, too. Vanilla, patchouli, musk, mint, Jasmine, ylang-ylang – all of these smells can give the partner the right mood. During the massage you can use oil with these flavors, not hurt, and aromatic candles to create an intimate atmosphere. In this case it is important not to overdo it. If there are too many flavors, they are Intrusive, can cause headaches;
  • Music. It stimulates sexual desire, but what it should be, largely depends on the preference of the girl. It is believed that better other exciting quiet music or one that is like most of the female partner. Better if it will not sound loud, but otherwise a romantic evening is in danger of becoming in concert.
methods of excitation

Women love the eyes

Many people think that this only applies to men, but ladies also are guided not only by the auditory organs.

What can a woman get excited at the sight of men?

  • Casually unbuttoned shirt. Almost 2/3 of women experience sexual attraction if they are a man in a casually unbuttoned shirt;
  • Tight jeans or short shorts. At the sight of men dressed like this excited about half of the fairer sex;
  • Sunglasses. Apparently, men in sunglasses girls see the conundrum, which makes every fourth of them feel passion for them;
  • Repair of the car. Man, carried away by doing this, can cause sexual desire in more than 30% of the fairer sex;
  • Cooking. Almost half of the girls like it when a man cooks in the kitchen.

In addition, she can feel excitement when it sits, lies on the abdomen, sleeping or talking with straightened shoulders.

Some women can get aroused at the sight of men's underwear, even if you just see it in the store.

If a woman over 40

The fair sex in this age is quick to take not always possible. Impact reduced hormonal activity, due to which they cease in the right number to stand out lubrication, sexual attraction to the opposite sex as a whole is not the same as it was before.

Sometimes, in order to achieve rapid excitation of the partner, which for 40 years, it is necessary to use extra lubrication, but that's just the physical aspect.

Not less important is the psychological mood of a woman. It is possible to achieve the same ways that women of other age categories – romance, affection, gentle words, massage, soft relaxing music, aromas.

Special attention should be paid to words which you say it. Due to some physiological characteristics at this age, she may feel psychological discomfort, worry about their appearance more than I had experienced before. It is important to convey to the partner that she is sexually attractive, and if there are any difficulties, they can be overcome, including through the man.

Is it possible to initiate a frigid woman?

If the girl is indifferent to intimate relationships, avoids them, disgusted just thinking about sex or is not able to orgasm, it is called such.

In fact, such women are very few, and in many cases girls who refuse to have sex, have other reason is the negative experience of previous relationships, distrust of the partner, etc. Lack of orgasm can also be a manifestation of frigidity, and a sign that the bad man tried.

To initiate a frigid woman, if she really is such, is really difficult. You need to know not only her erogenous zones, which, as in other women, not necessarily located in the chest area, genitals, thighs, but and set her up psychologically. To do this, you need to find out the cause of her problems.

In some cases such girls have to work the doctor. The specialist talks about the features of intimate relations, discreet testing finds out what the girl erogenous zones.

If a woman is really so, the use at home of stimulating drugs are unlikely to help, and if you can help and a way out of the situation it will not be.


Even if the partners have a stable relationship with each other, sex is still always different. Both partners need to always look for new ways to "make" and meet each other, otherwise, over time, relationships can seem both fresh and to come to a standstill.