How excited the woman quickly folk remedies

Very often the cause of quarrels in the families are problems of an intimate nature.

After living together for a while, people start to complain that sex has become uninteresting, banal, static. No storm of feelings, new sensations, the husband and wife do not.

how to turn a girl on folk remedies

What to do, how to restore missing desire, to excite each other, to improve the intimate mood? Can help aphrodisiacs.

Modern medicine offers the beautiful half of humanity a variety of amplifiers libido – pills, vaginal creams, ointments. But today we know how to Horny woman with the help of folk remedies.

What are aphrodisiacs and why do they need women?

Aphrodisiacs – this means to cause sexual arousal. The term comes from the name of the goddess of beauty and love Ancient Greece Aphrodite.

Aphrodisiacs help a person to enhance the sexual instinct, even when he doesn't want sex.

Despite the fact that today there are a large number of exciting tablets, creams, lotions for women, it is better to seek the assistance of natural aphrodisiacs.

They are not addictive, they don't need to search in specialized stores, because they are all around us.

Most importantly, know what foods, plants, oil cause of women excitement.

Thanks to the natural aphrodisiac you can:

  • create a romantic mood;
  • to fully relax, to enjoy;
  • to intensify sexual desire;
  • fast, powerful and prolonged orgasm;
  • to liberate even the most jammed the girl;
  • to prevent painful menstruation, pathological processes in the mammary glands, genital venous congestion, frigidity way to reach an orgasm.

Depending on perception, natural aphrodisiacs for women can be like taste (ingested in food) or odors.

The most powerful aphrodisiacs for women are those that:

  • have natural ingredients;
  • done correctly and with love;
  • prepare yourself, are fetched from nature, and not by chemical means (without pills).

Foods with a stimulating effect

The easiest way to increase libido is to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner, where the main emphasis needs to be put on the plate. There are products that awaken desire in women.

Elevate romantic and sexual mood will help:

  1. Oysters, shrimp, caviar, the seafood improve the quality of sex, increase sexual activity, energized.
  2. Avocado – kindle love and zeal due to the large number of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.
  3. Dark chocolate – what woman could give up sweets? But dark chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine – a substance that enhances sexual activity. This sweet product also promotes the production of estrogen, a hormone that increases blood circulation, regulates the menstrual cycle.
  4. Honey is a sweet natural product of the bee contains a number of vitamins and minerals, which give women a boost of energy, stamina.
  5. Watermelon. This juicy, sweet berry contain citrulline is an amino acid that improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increases libido.
  6. Olives stimulate the sexual instinct, contribute to conception.
  7. Bananas – in addition to the visual image (the banana is shaped like manhood), they also contain large amounts of vitamins that give women the power and energy for bed sex.
  8. Quail eggs – normalize hormones, improve the reproductive system and has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair.

Effect of honey as an aphrodisiac was observed even in the times of Kievan Rus. Then the guests gave the young barrel of honey. They had to drink honey drink throughout the month to Wake passion and a successful conception. It established hence the expression "honeymoon".

products to excite

Foods-aphrodisiacs for women, it is important not to overdo it. Spoons should not eat honey, eat a watermelon or eat dark chocolate. In addition to allergies and banal overeating, dangerous bloating of abdomen, flatulence, colic, you will get nothing.

To eat foods-aphrodisiacs should be smart: enough to eat one piece of watermelon or banana, to boost sexual desire.

And must take into account characteristics of the organism: if the honey you have allergies, then it is not necessary it is better to give preference to other products.

Olfactory amplifiers libido – smells exactly the same as the products can exacerbate the feelings of the female sex.

The best erotic scents for her will be the following aromatic oils:

  1. Rose oil ignites in a woman passion, rejuvenates the skin and prevents its aging. Just add a few drops of rose oil in the bath, soak in it for 10 minutes, enjoy the floral aroma.
  2. Ylang-ylang is the most popular tool that is used in expensive perfumes and cosmetics. It quickly evokes sensuality, attraction due to its sharp and warm aroma. Oil can be added to a diffuser or take him to the bathroom.
  3. Bergamot oil – improves mood, eliminates anxiety, depression, helps a woman easily and quickly liberated in the bed, relieves stress and fatigue. This oil can be used for erotic massage, and add it in the aroma lamp etc.
  4. Jasmine oil – helps to relax, calms, enhances, eliminates coldness, disharmony, gives confidence. This oil can be added to cosmetic products: body gel, cream, tonic, shampoo, or to use for massage, to drip a few drops in the bath, aroma lamp.
  5. Oil of ginger. Many believe that ginger is a men's fragrance, but it likewise acts on the women. He saves from infertility, relieves sexual impotence, makes a woman desirable, attractive, liberated. Thanks to this oil girls easier and easier to respond to the imagination of men.

Buying essential oils to enhance intimate mood in women, it is necessary to take into account that only natural oils have a strong stimulating effect. Synthetic analogues of oils to increase libido are not suitable.

Therefore, before buying definitely need to read the label on the way. If it says Natural oil, so oil is natural; if it says Fragrance then it is not worth to buy this fragrance.

Herbs-aphrodisiacs for women

There are a large number of plants that have a beneficial effect on female sexual arousal. Herbs-aphrodisiacs brewed, take it immediately before intercourse:

the causes of bad libido
  1. Sage – prevents frigidity, contributes to a better process of conception. About the effect of this plant was known in Ancient Egypt. Then this herb is considered a Saint and gave her young women to a quick recovery of the population after devastating wars and epidemics that have claimed a large number of people. Today, experts recommend that women consume fresh juice sage.
  2. Fennel – helps to relax, promotes the long-awaited offensive pregnancy. Dill can be added to various dishes, eat it as raw and in dried form. In the latter case, it is important to properly prepare it for storage: to crumble on a ceramic Board, store in a dark jar. Instead of greenery, you can use fennel seeds to brew them as a tea. The same effect as fennel, spinach has.
  3. Chamomile – the flowers of this plant you can make tea: 1 teaspoon of dried flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes. To drink in the form of heat, to increase sexual arousal and improve the taste of drink, you can add a little honey.
  4. Clover – the flowers of this sweet herb to brew: 1 teaspoon of flowers pour a glass of boiling water. You can also add fresh petals clover in salads.
  5. Melissa – it quickly relieves tension, fatigue and anxiety. Melissa sharpens and stimulates the senses. Tea can be used both dry and fresh leaves of the plant.
  6. Cuff is a female plant. Herb helps reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin, to attract love, to support female reproductive function. To increase libido can you take both fresh and dried grass. Fresh cuff you can make salads, and dried to prepare an aromatic tea (2 tablespoons of plant in 200 ml of boiling water).

Do female stimulant independently

Despite the fact that today sold a large number of funds that increase libido, yet experts believe that it is best to make an aphrodisiac for women with his own hands.

So you will be able to Express all of his feelings second half, and it will further increase the influence of the aphrodisiac. We present to your attention a few recipes for increased libido:

Erotic dessert

You will need the following ingredients: quail eggs (8 pieces), honey (100 g) fresh raspberries (optional), gelatin (15 g).

From egg whites to foam, add the honey. For color to add into the foam and raspberries.

Soak gelatine in cold water. Add in the egg and honey a lot. Put on slow fire, do not allow to boil.

Then cool, pour into glasses and refrigerate. Erotic dessert for the ladies ready.

Sensual lettuce

Ingredients: spinach, mushrooms, avocado, cheese. Mushrooms boil, avocado peel and seeds.

Prepared foods cut into cubes, season with sauce (mix olive oil with a bite, salt and sugar), decorate the top with sprigs of dill and slices of any fruit or berries.

Perfume "scents of love"

afrodiziaki for excitation

Not to buy expensive perfume, it is better to make them yourself, leveraging tools that increase libido:

Add 10 ml of oil-base, such as peach essential oil.

Add these essential oils: Jasmine, pink (2 drops), bergamot oil or sandalwood (1 drop). Or you can add 3 drops of ylang-ylang or 2 drops of Jasmine.

Essential oils choose scent and feel to the girl like the smell.

Causes of declining libido

To kindle the ardor of love from a woman, not to let him disappear, you must know what factors reduce libido:

  • Smoking;
  • stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • junk food – salty, fatty, fried foods.

All these factors cause fatigue, have a negative impact on your health, Deplete the nervous system, causing a dullness of desire.

So if a woman sleeps little, smoke, drink too much alcohol and don't eat right, no natural, and even synthetic funds-the aphrodisiacs will not help her. Need to review your lifestyle and make adjustments to it.

Now you know what is the means to ignite the dormant sexual instinct. Products-aphrodisiacs, aromas, herbal teas – all of these types of aphrodisiacs you can skillfully use in order to turn a woman on, make her excited.

The main thing – do not overdo it, use them wisely to help and not hurt. And be sure to cook the funds-aphrodisiacs with love.

It is also worth remembering that proper rest, proper nutrition and a good mood is the female assistants that ensure the health of the whole organism, normalizes libido.

How quickly excited the woman before sex: aphrodisiac, drugs and folk remedies for sexual arousal women

As a rule, men have almost never problems with arousal and getting orgasm during sex. This is not the case in women: often, even after a long foreplay long-awaited feeling of "butterflies in the stomach" never comes. But we want to adapt to the desires and the pace my man. As a woman to help yourself as quickly as possible to get excited, tell in detail our journal.

Why a woman can not get aroused before sex?

To come to a solution to the problem, first we need to clearly define what it is.

  • A girl can be excited so that it is not even comes to foreplay. Or, despite the foreplay, the excitement still does not occur.
  • The first suggests itself the possibility that something is wrong with your partner: 1) He commits actions that, instead of a pleasant, not causing any feelings or even the opposite; 2) He is not interested in you as a man 3) you May be "morally" far from it – some women just can't admit to myself the person with whom there is no psychological intimacy.
  • It may be fatigue. So, the usual physical fatigue, fatigue. If after an eventful day, you are trying to have sex and something doesn't work out, consider this: maybe the reason is simple, and nothing you just spent the last hour on the search for answers in the world wide web?
  • Fatigue can be moral, that, in principle, also not fatal, but a bit more complicated.
  • More seriously, if excited prevents some sickness or disease, including "feminine".
  • Supplementation can influence the initiation process.
  • Can be issues of a sexual nature, such as frigidity, or post-traumatic period trauma. However, they are not in the Internet, and with the help of doctors and specialists.
  • In susceptible persons, change in mood could be triggered by any little thing – this refers to something in the current situation confuses you, does not relax. Think about that.
  • Stiffness and embarrassment. May be the result of attitudes towards sex as something bad or complex about their appearance.