Erogenous points women: mysteries of the feminine "buttons"

Erogenous zone is a part of the human body, affecting you can get trendy colorful excitement. Ladies have these erotic spots in huge quantities in different places. The fact that men are talking about the majority of them have a very superficial understanding. Too bad, because actual intercourse in women and will give out only after a preparation touch to these "sacred" places.

erogenous zones in women

The touch should be correct. Women's body is designed so that if you touch them wrongly, such touching will be ugly. What sacred buttons (erogenous zones) are ladies, and what should I do with them?

How to find the erogenous of the sacred in your home

A man is easier to find the excitable buttons on the female body, if you make the perfect conditions for total relaxation of the female partner. Only later to begin their search, using gentle touches and kisses. In principle, to discover the erogenous places is the goal for both partners. Men have to find and explore more parts of the body of the partner. The lady is supposed to give a hint to the partner, which part of her body has the greatest sensitivity.

It is not necessary to dwell on the areas that are considered erogenous zones in women and men (breast, neck, genital area). To find the sacred button of a woman's body can be in almost all places. They start from the tips of women's fingers to the roots of the hair. All the sacred points are connected together. If you experienced the following with hands or tongue, according to the binder threads can be frustrating and even discover new exciting places. One has only to give them enough attention. Certainly, the lady has to consent to those actions men and encouraged them. She should let him kiss and soothe himself where he wants. If the body of the ladies will emerge new points of concern to his mistress, it is not the fact that they will react only on its own "discoverer". The important thing is that to work the data points of excitation will be only with gentle and proper handling.

The most famous "women's places" are on the lips and tongue, earlobes, dimples near the collarbone, in the area around the nipple (the nipple). The vagina and the clitoris, the abdomen around the pubic area, navel, neck, buttocks, the area under the shoulder blades, under the knee and waist area, also inner thighs and upper third of the thighs (the outer part) is also erogenous zones.

Primary, secondary catalysts

Touch of the lips. All erogenous zones of a woman's body is a sensitive catalysts from nature, they are called primary. Some ladies have such places in the complex, other selectively. Along with the primary and secondary are sacred points which open evenly, together with the experience. They are often available in virtually all locations and respond to repetitive impact in different ways. It is confirmed that all the erogenous points react positively to kissing. Remember that specifically touches the lips of various parts of the female body determine particularly responsive to affection places. Erogenous zones may be located on the elbows or even on the heels of the beloved. Effort in searching for the erogenous points are necessary, because their outcome is superior is incomparable and unforgettable sex.